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What Are the Installation Requirements of Menstrual Panties Equipment?

With the continuous development of science, the performance of menstrual panties equipment will be gradually updated and improved. How to correctly master its performance and installation and commissioning management also requires staff to accumulate work experience and master that the failure of the original mechanical equipment during installation and commissioning can be prepared to judge and eliminate, so as to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Many people don't know much about mechanical equipment. Next, let's introduce the installation process and requirements of menstrual panties machine.



1.Construction organization design of menstrual panties equipment

Relevant scientific and technological personnel of menstrual panties equipment studied and negotiated the construction organization design and equipment selection. Through technical calculation and checking calculation, it has both use value and good economic benefits. Do not replace the equipment at will, otherwise it will affect the progress of basic work.


2.Unified installation arrangement of menstrual panties equipment

Each installation sequence of menstrual panties equipment has its scientific nature. After many aspects of consideration and technical demonstration, the planning and queuing of the installation project has scientific basis and certain guidance. Don't follow. So as not to cause back work and slowdown, and the project progress cannot be continuous. For large-scale installation projects, due to the large number of equipment and installation links, each installation must have a unified arrangement, and the construction team must have a unified mechanical leader (or deputy project manager) to coordinate and deal with the work, gather wisdom and solicit work opinions.


3.Pay attention to the construction priority of menstrual panties equipment

Each installation of menstrual panties equipment has strict technical requirements. To reduce unnecessary time loss and material consumption, the construction must be carried out according to the design and technical requirements. Through the calculation of the design department, a kind of equipment foundation is designed, which is constructed according to the requirements to ensure quality and safety.


In the installation of menstrual panties equipment, the machinist must undergo pre job training, master general installation knowledge, be familiar with installation standards, and be leveled. There must be bolts with many bolt connections, and there must be a large number of positions that must pass through the anchor bolts; In terms of equipment power supply and distribution, electricians should connect the power supply according to the regulations and specifications. Switches and control panels of power supply equipment shall be maintained in advance. After connecting the power supply, the equipment must be commissioned.


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