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Talking About the Installation Technology of Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkin Equipment

The installation of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment plays an extremely important role in production and construction. Whether the application of installation technology is reasonable or not will directly affect the overall construction quality and operation efficiency of production. Master the installation technology of rational application of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine. This is not only related to the economic benefits of enterprises, but also related to the personal safety of employees.


1.Precautions for installation of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment

(1) Preparation before installation of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment: first, according to the design requirements of the project, understand the use of equipment, working environment, normal working load and limit load, as well as the inventory and acceptance of on-site parts, mainly measure the appearance dimensions and installation dimensions of parts according to the drawings, and whether the dimensional tolerance of matching parts is within the scope of technical requirements.

(2) The principle of equipment assembly is from small to large, from simple to complex, that is, from parts to components, then from components to components, and finally to overall assembly, which is the first host after the auxiliary machine.


2.Pay attention to the installation quality of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment

(1) For the rotating body rotating at high speed, static balance or dynamic balance test shall be carried out. The scraping of sliding bearing bush bearing rotating body shall meet the requirements of uniform distribution of contact points. Within the error range of technical requirements, the coaxiality of bearings at both ends of thermal or pressure rolling bearings shall be measured. If the rotation imbalance indicates that the symmetrical balance of the mass point is uneven, and the centrifugal inertia force cannot offset each other, through the bearing machinery and foundation, it will lead to vibration and noise, accelerate the wear of the bearing, shorten the mechanical life, and seriously lead to damage accidents. If the axial ceramic tile is scratched unqualified, the bearing coaxiality error will lead to excessive single point pressure, leading to serious accidents, such as broken ceramic tiles and bearing fracture.

(2) When adjusting the installation accuracy of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment, in order to meet certain accuracy requirements, do not strongly change the position of the installed parts, let alone the deformation of the driving parts. When fixing the local foot parts or the base, the symmetry of the anchor bolts should be gradually strengthened to avoid the internal stress of manual manufacturing and installation and the hidden dangers of buried equipment. Therefore, the internal stress should be minimized according to the technical specifications. In order to ensure the accuracy, coaxiality, concentricity, parallelism, perpendicularity and geometric dimension of equipment installation, it is usually very difficult to finally carry out accuracy detection and adjustment. The stress state of components will change, and the adjustment accuracy may change after a period of time. Various failure risks caused by the installation accuracy will seriously affect the failure rate and service life of the equipment. If violent methods are used to ensure the installation accuracy, the parts are easy to deform or form internal stress.


In the installation process of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment, we should deeply study the application of various process and technical measures, combined with the performance and installation characteristics of various equipment, constantly summarize the technical experience of installation process, and gradually form a relatively perfect process and technical system, so as to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of installation and construction, and lay a solid foundation for the safe and efficient production of enterprises.


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