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Measures for Repair and Maintenance of Automatic Sanitary Napkin Equipment

In the current management of automatic sanitary napkin equipment, maintenance and maintenance are two very important contents. For some problems and deficiencies in mechanical maintenance of many enterprises, it is necessary to formulate countermeasures. This paper discusses how to repair and maintain the automatic sanitary napkin machine.



1.Establish a perfect management system for the repair and maintenance of fully automatic sanitary napkin equipment

It is very necessary to establish a perfect mechanical maintenance management system. It ensures the system and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and can improve enterprises' understanding of the importance of mechanical equipment maintenance. Enterprises can choose experienced and skilled maintenance personnel and set up a special equipment maintenance organization for maintenance management. Generally, relevant management personnel should regularly inspect and maintain mechanical equipment, which can be included in the enterprise performance appraisal.


2.Do a good job in supporting the repair and maintenance of automatic sanitary napkin equipment

For enterprises, the safety of automatic sanitary napkin equipment is very important, which affects the development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises need to attach great importance to the maintenance and management of mechanical equipment. The enterprise should scientifically and reasonably improve the maintenance equipment required for the on-site mechanical equipment, and equip the inventory of the corresponding parts required for maintenance, so as to ensure that the supporting equipment required for the maintenance of mechanical equipment can be supplied in time.


3.Improve the posts of automatic sanitary napkin equipment operation

The operation post of automatic sanitary napkin equipment needs to be improved, and a strict post system should be implemented to deal with the maintenance of mechanical faults at any time. Machinery enterprises can formulate corresponding operation requirements and precautions, accurately record the shift handover, and register the operation of each mechanical equipment in detail to ensure the quantity, quality and safety of equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the staff's post awareness and responsibility awareness, and ensure the safety and reliability of machinery from the aspects of system, management, testing, maintenance, maintenance, etc.


4.Establish a full-automatic sanitary napkin equipment maintenance file management system

Automatic sanitary napkin equipment involves many different types, which requires systematic and standardized management of different types of mechanical equipment. Establish a mechanical equipment maintenance file management system to record the maintenance and repair of different types, models, technical parameters and accessories of mechanical equipment, and record the maintenance and repair history of each mechanical equipment, so as to accurately understand the maintenance and repair history of the equipment in the next maintenance.

Doing a good job in the maintenance of automatic sanitary napkin equipment can effectively extend the service life of the machine, improve work efficiency, save production costs, and bring more economic benefits to enterprises. However, because many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of machinery, and the fault detection technology is backward, the maintenance of machinery is not done well.


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