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"liquid Sanitary Napkin", is It Really Good?

It is said that women are made of water. No, even feminine napkin has "liquid". Recently, many female stars have launched Amway's liquid sanitary napkin on social networking sites. It is said that this is "Hermes" in sanitary napkins, and the price is twice that of ordinary sanitary napkins. So, is it reasonable to be expensive, or is it useless?



1.In fact, there is no liquid in liquid sanitary napkin

Hearing the word liquid sanitary napkin, you will probably have questions: how can you absorb liquid with liquid? In fact, there is no liquid in it. "Liquid" is used as a gimmick because it uses a new absorbent material flexfoamtm. According to the official website of the manufacturer, this material comes from liquid and is made of solidified liquid material with special technology.


2.Does liquid sanitary napkin absorb more and dry?

The absorbent cores of ordinary sanitary napkins are mainly pulp, fluff pulp and absorbent resin. The first two absorb fast, but have small capacity and are easy to loosen and expand. The latter has a strong ability to absorb water, but it will expand into hydrogel after absorbing water. Sometimes after the surface layer "cannot absorb", the liquid will slowly penetrate into the bottom layer. This is why some women find that when menstruation is relatively large, sanitary napkins will expand and thicken rapidly, and the surface will be sticky. The new material it uses is said to transfer a large amount of liquid to the bottom layer with good structure and tightly "lock it". In principle, this can make full use of the bottom layer of sanitary napkins, and the surface layer is not easy to become sticky. This may also be the origin of the saying "greater absorption, drier". However, there are also women on the Internet who report that they usually have a large amount of menstruation. When they use liquid sanitary napkin at night, lateral leakage will still occur. Practice seems to be the only criterion for testing truth. Before you know whether it suits you, you must try it yourself. But it is certain that it is lighter and thinner than ordinary sanitary napkins, and it is relatively not easy to expand after absorbing water.

liquid sanitary napkin

3.Does liquid sanitary napkin fit well? Attention, it may break

Another selling point of liquid sanitary napkin is that the new materials used are very flexible and can fit the body well. In this regard, many people have done experiments, kneading it with ordinary sanitary napkins, and found that ordinary sanitary napkins are easier to fold and deform. But there is also one thing that we must pay attention to. Some female netizens reflect that when it is used for a long time, it may break.


4.No matter how well liquid sanitary napkin is absorbed, it still needs to be changed frequently

The positioning of liquid sanitary napkin is that the absorption amount is huge. A daily sanitary napkin can be used for fourorfive hours. This is too different from the usually recommended "replace every 2 hours". In fact, I really don't recommend you to use it for so long. No matter what kind of sanitary napkins, when they store a large amount of liquid, they will certainly become a hotbed of bacteria. The experiment shows that the number of bacteria on the surface of sanitary napkins exceeds 10000 after 2 hours of use. Think about it, don't you resist living and working with so many bacteria? Finally, you still have to change sanitary napkins often.

feminine napkin

Liquid sanitary napkin is a new type of sanitary napkin. Although its name contains liquid, there is no liquid in it. Knowing the relevant knowledge of feminine napkin is conducive to women's better choice of sanitary products.


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