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Application Prospect of Flushable Wet Wipes

Flushable wet wipes is an innovation of traditional wipes, which is relatively more eco-friendly. With the progress of society and the concept of ecological environment protection is more and more popular, the application range of wet wipes products will be more and more extensive, with good market application prospects.



1.Flushable wet wipes have better performance

First of all, flushable wet wipes have the comfort similar to traditional wipes, and have better wet strength than traditional toilet paper, which will not affect the use in the wet state. Traditional toilet paper is generally made of pure wood pulp fibers. There is basically no physical entanglement between the fibers, and its strength mainly depends on the hydrogen bond between the fiber molecules. After encountering water, the hydrogen bond between fibers is destroyed, and the strength of toilet paper drops sharply, so it cannot be used in wet state. Washable wipes are wet wipes. Their cleaning effect, comfort and safety are far better than paper towels. They are especially suitable for hemorrhoids patients, infants and hospital patients. From the perspective of people's pursuit of a safer, healthier, simpler and more convenient lifestyle, disposable washable wipes have good application prospects.

flushable wet wipes

2.Flushable wet wipes are environmentally friendly

Disposable products not only bring great convenience to people's lives, but also bring great pressure to waste disposal and the environment. The living environment of human beings is constantly being affected and destroyed, which has promoted people's awareness of environmental protection. The government has also issued environmental protection policies such as garbage classification and plastic restrictions. The heavy use of traditional wet wipes increases the burden of waste disposal, and a large number of fibers containing non degradable components further increase the risk of environmental pollution. Flushable wet wipes can be treated as human excreta, which will eventually be degraded to form nutrients required by plants, forming a recyclable ecological chain. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is more environmentally friendly, more favored by consumers and various environmental protection policies, and more in line with the development concept of green environmental protection in the future.


3.The introduction of relevant standards of flushable wet wipes will provide correct guidance

Although flushable wet wipes have some disputes abroad, for example, in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries, it is reported that washable wipes block urban sewage pipelines, pollute the environment, increase the difficulty of cleaning and have high cleaning costs. However, Inda believes that this is mainly caused by ordinary baby wipes or other wipes that cannot be washed away. The problem of urban sewage has nothing to do with washable wipes. Therefore, Inda and Edana have improved the guidelines to prevent some non washable wipes from being flushed into the toilet. With the continuous improvement of standard research, the continuous optimization of product technology and performance, and the continuous improvement of producers' and consumers' understanding of it, it is believed that more people will choose to use this kind of wet wipes.

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With the rapid improvement of people's living standards and the continuous progress of science and technology, people's living habits are also changing. Wet wipes have gradually become an essential cleaning and hygiene product in people's life, and the emergence of flushable wet wipes reflects people's attention to ecological environment protection.


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