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Research, Development and Improvement Direction of Super Absorbent Polymer

Super absorbent polymer can absorb a large amount of external water, and its water absorption can reach hundreds or even thousands of times its own quality. It has important application value in the fields of sanitary products, medical treatment and so on. This paper looks forward to the future development and improvement direction of SAP powder.



1.Continuously improve product performance and give super absorbent polymer special functions

In the field of sanitary products, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, super absorbent polymer is actively modified. It should not only have good water absorption and water retention performance, but also improve the rate of liquid absorption, salt resistance in the application of adult incontinence products and baby diapers, and good thermal stability. It has good liquid permeability and good absorption performance under multiple pressure conditions. The liquid has the characteristics of rapid penetration and rapid diffusion in the product, so as to meet the needs of baby diapers (tablets), women's sanitary napkins (pants) and adult incontinence products for light weight, thin, skin care and environmental protection.

super absorbent polymer

2.Adopt composite technology to improve the performance of super absorbent polymer products and reduce product costs

The so-called compounding refers to adding inorganic / organic substances and polymer materials in the production process, and compounding with super absorbent polymer to produce new products with different functions, so as to meet the antibacterial performance, water retention effect, liquid absorption rate, light weight, thin type and convenient use required by different consumption fields.


3.Adapt to environmental protection requirements and improve the biodegradability of super absorbent polymer products

The use of super absorbent polymer is mostly one-time. If the degradability of products is not improved, it will cause pollution. Therefore, the development and application of bio based degradable resins have attracted more and more attention.

To produce biodegradable resins, cellulose, starch, amino acids and other cross-linked monomers need to be used instead of sodium acrylate. For example, biodegradable SAP powder that has been industrialized abroad includes starch polyacrylonitrile copolymer products, PVA starch copolymer products and cross-linked polyaspartic acid, which are mainly used in the fields of sanitary materials.

SAP powder

Super absorbent polymer must have typical properties: high water absorption (liquid), high water retention (liquid), high absorption rate, high liquid permeability, etc. the performance indicators to investigate its quality mainly include water absorption rate, pressurized absorption capacity, centrifugal water retention (liquid) capacity, liquid permeability, residual monomers, colloid strength, particle size distribution, anti caking and anti yellowing. When it is applied in different fields, its index requirements are also different. Therefore, in its production, it is necessary to continuously improve the process technology, develop new processes and new modification technologies, and improve the quality and adaptability of products.


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