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Development Status and Trend of China's Feminine Hygiene Products Market

According to the data of China Paper Association, the market scale of Chinese female sanitary napkins reached 57.24 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 1.7%. Since 2016, the tampon market has opened and is favored by young women in big cities, but it currently accounts for a low proportion of the total consumption of feminine hygiene products. In China, the market of female health products is still dominated by sanitary napkins, accounting for about 88% of the total market size.



1.The sanitary napkins of feminine hygiene products are developing towards high-end and differentiation

Although the sanitary napkin Market in China has been basically saturated at present, and the population of domestic women of school age (15-49 years old) has decreased year by year, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the grade of feminine hygiene products, and the demand for high-quality, high-end products and differentiated products is growing. With the needs of consumers and the gradual maturity of the industry market, the product types and functions of female sanitary napkins continue to be innovated and upgraded. The wing shaped sanitary napkins have almost replaced the straight strip sanitary napkins. "Ultra thin", "dry", "breathable", "soft cotton", "antibacterial", "comfortable", "close fitting" and so on have become synonyms for the development of sanitary napkins, "traditional Chinese medicine care", "incense and deodorization" "Green degradable" has become a new profit point in the development of sanitary napkin products. In addition, with the continuous improvement of women's awareness of physical health and the level of per capita income, women change sanitary napkins more frequently during the physiological period, and the per capita use increases. The high-end, differentiated and frequent use of products will promote the continuous growth of the sanitary napkin Market.

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2.The market for feminine hygiene products' tampons is growing slowly

Tampon is still in its infancy in China. Only about 2% of Chinese women use tampons for health care during menstruation, mainly young women living overseas or affected by European and American lifestyles and living in first tier cities in China; However, in European and American countries, more than 70% of women have become regular users of tampons. Research shows that although more and more Chinese women are willing to accept and try different feminine hygiene products, the domestic market has developed slowly due to the limitations of traditional concepts and the high price of tampons. At present, the main tampon products on the market include johnson&johnson OB built-in tampon, Kimberly u by Kotex catheter tampon and P & G tampax catheter tampon.

Compared with sanitary napkins, tampons have the advantages of no heat, no side leakage, no fear of water, no trace inside, sanitation and convenience. With the popularization of sexual knowledge, the improvement of the economic ability of young women in cities, and the needs of life scenes such as swimming, fitness and tourism, tampons will shine in the future.

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At present, the disposable sanitary products industry in China is dominated by baby diapers / diapers / diapers and feminine hygiene products. The future development prospects of the industry are also closely related to these two segments. Understanding the market development status and development trend of female health products in China is conducive to further understanding this industry.


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