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Development Status and Trend of Baby Diaper Market in China

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In recent years, based on China's relatively large infant base, with the improvement of China's national living standards, the continuous upgrading of consumption structure and the impact of the "two child" policy and other factors, China's baby diaper market has maintained a rapid development trend. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, China's birth population in 2019 was 14.65 million, with 85.041 million infants and young children from 0 to 4, and the infant base is huge. At the same time, since 2016, the full implementation of the "two child" policy has provided some support for maintaining the large-scale number of newborns in China. A large number of infants and young children have created considerable market capacity, which has promoted the rapid growth of the infant nappy market.



1.Baby diaper's high-end products have strong market demand and continue to upgrade

With the continuous improvement of product research and development level and production technology, baby diaper's ability to improve and upgrade products and the speed of responding to the market have a supply foundation. At the same time, with the increase of middle and high-income people and the improvement of parents' awareness of infant health care, more and more attention has been paid to the liquid absorption, fitness and comfort of products. The market demand for high-end diapers is booming and constantly upgrading.

Currently, Pampers ichibon high-end diapers of procter&gamble have been sold in 10000 baby products stores and 4800 supermarkets. With the popularity of Chinese consumers for high-end diapers, unicharm has also changed its sales strategy in the Chinese market, giving up selling diapers produced locally in China and choosing to export its moony brand high-end diapers from Japan to China. DAIO paper corporation through its high-end diaper / diaper brand goo N enters China's high-end diaper market.

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2.Chinese manufacturing enterprises continue to carry out baby diaper product research and development and enterprise upgrading

Chinese enterprises are also constantly carrying out product research and development and industrial upgrading to improve production level and market share. Daddy baby took the lead in completing the transformation of "industry 4.0" intelligent manufacturing, and advanced and intelligent three-dimensional warehouses of raw materials and finished products were put into use, creating China's first fully automated intelligent factory for diapers, realizing the idea of a garden factory; Hengan Group will build a new R & D building, strengthen product R & D, and constantly improve the permeability, comfort and safety of products; Hangzhou qianzhiya's new modern chemical plant in Tonglu economic development zone was fully put into operation in 2018, and signed a contract with Japan's Zuiko to introduce four baby diaper production lines.


3.Multi channel sales to promote the development of baby diaper products

At present, the sales channel of baby diaper is still dominated by supermarkets, but in recent years, the online trading volume of baby products has maintained an annual growth rate of 20%, and the online channel has expanded the sales scope of the industry. In addition, it is a fast-moving consumer goods, with the attributes of health care products. In addition to dealer channels, Ka channels and other sales channels, they can also be sold through mother and baby channels (mother and baby product franchised stores). As a unique sales channel of its products, mother baby channel has developed rapidly in China in recent years because of its professional and brand advantages. Hengan, Vida, sparrow, Kimberly Clark, P & G, Unica and other companies are constantly actively trying o2o sales methods to develop new marketing models.


With the development and change of parenting concept, the demand for baby diaper's high-end products in the Chinese market will continue to grow in the future. The rapid development of the Internet and the daily development of online shopping will further promote the development of nappy in e-commerce channels.


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