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Cause Analysis of Non Medical Protective Mask Product Quality Problems

According to the national supervision and random inspection data in 2020, 1670 batches of non medical protective masks were randomly inspected in 2020, and 565 batches were unqualified, with an overall unqualified rate of 33.8%. Filtration efficiency and protective effect are the biggest reasons for disqualification. This paper analyzes the reasons for the quality problems of non medical mask products.



1.The standard formulation of non medical protective mask is chaotic

At the initial stage of the COVID-19, the executive standard applicable to the non medical protective mask is only gb/t32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks, but the standard has high requirements, mainly for the filtration efficiency of particles, and there are no assessment requirements for bacteria and viruses. In the face of this situation, production enterprises urgently formulate enterprise standards to guide production and sales. However, most enterprise standards only stipulate non functional indicators such as size, appearance, formaldehyde and pH value, and some enterprises even directly cancel the functional indicator of particulate matter filtration efficiency. If the products meet the above enterprise standards, there will be serious risks in quality control.

non medical protective mask

2.The development of non medical protective mask industry is slow

The mask itself belongs to the "non rigid demand" segment market, and the overall profit is not high, so it has not attracted the attention of the market. As a national recommended standard, gb/t32610 has a low rate of standard acquisition in the industry. Moreover, during the COVID-19, the industry did not timely urge and guide enterprises to strictly implement the standards and produce according to the standards. Secondly, the relevant associations did not guide the market order in a timely and effective manner, resulting in some enterprises' illegal behaviors such as hoarding, raising prices, and OEM fraud, which seriously disrupted the market order of non medical protective mask and damaged the interests of consumers.


3.Prominent problems of manufacturers of non medical protective mask

Since the outbreak of covid-19, some textile and garment enterprises, sanitary products enterprises and high-tech enterprises have switched production and cross-border production of non medical protective masks. However, because they are not familiar with the production requirements, standard system and quality control of masks, they failed to follow up the management and development at the same time, resulting in unqualified production workshop environment and nonstandard operation, which makes it difficult to ensure the quality of masks. At the same time, the production equipment and technology used by these enterprises are immature, and the uniformity and stability of the melt blown cloth are not enough. In addition, due to cost control, some enterprises did not strictly control the quality of raw materials or reduce the number of melt blown cloth, resulting in unqualified filtration efficiency.

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Affected by the COVID-19, non medical protective mask, as a daily contact mask for consumers, has quickly become a popular product. At present, the quality of non medical mask products has also attracted the attention of all sectors of society.


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