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Common Methods of Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cloth Diapers Machine

In the new era, more and more cloth diapers machines are developed and used, and the requirements of production activities on equipment performance are constantly improving. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the machinery has a good running state. When using machinery, it is often affected by many factors, resulting in some faults. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to do a good job in diagnosis and monitoring.



1.Use vibration monitoring and diagnosis method to diagnose and monitor the fault of cloth diapers machine

In the operation of cloth diapers equipment, vibration is inevitable, usually periodic vibration and random vibration. Vibration will lead to a certain amplitude, representing vibration intensity and energy. Frequency is an important feature of mechanical vibration, so the fault diagnosis of cloth diapers machine can be realized through vibration monitoring.

With the help of corresponding instruments, the real-time situation of mechanical vibration can be monitored, so as to complete fault diagnosis. The common monitoring instruments include magnetoelectric velocity sensor, piezoelectric acceleration sensor and eddy current displacement sensor. They are widely used because of their high sensitivity, wide frequency range and small volume. In the vibration monitoring and diagnosis of machinery, not only sensors, but also analytical instruments and fault diagnosis expert system should be used. This method is generally used for faults such as cloth diapers machine gears.


2.Use the monitoring method of noise fault to diagnose and monitor the fault of cloth diapers machine

During the operation of cloth diapers equipment, there is a lot of information about equipment noise signals and vibration signals. Therefore, the noise monitoring of cloth diapers machine can also diagnose mechanical faults. Vibration signal monitoring usually requires corresponding monitoring instruments. It is not easy to install in high temperature or high corrosion environment, and vibration contact measurement cannot be realized. Noise signals are not affected by this situation. Acquisition equipment can be used to realize acoustic signal acquisition and analysis and effective fault diagnosis under any conditions.


3.Use infrared temperature measurement method to diagnose and monitor the fault of cloth diapers machine

The temperature change of the infrared measuring equipment is mainly judged according to the different operation status and temperature of the infrared measuring equipment. The temperature measurement principle of infrared thermometer is mainly the black body radiation law, that is, the higher the object temperature, the stronger the infrared radiation ability. If some fault parts of cloth diapers machine often reflect the characteristics of temperature rise, it indicates that the smoke exhaust pipe is blocked, worn or the joint is burnt out.


In the fault control of cloth diapers machine, using a variety of diagnosis and monitoring methods has different principles and advantages. With the development of the times, in order to better realize equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring, we need to master the development trend of equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring, and do a good job in the research and improvement of relevant directions, which is also the key research in its field.


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