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Core of Sanitary Products Usher in a New Revolution

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As we all know, core is the core of diapers and sanitary napkins. The absorption performance and water storage performance of the product, whether there will be faults, lumps, reverse osmosis, thickness, and whether it is dry and breathable all depend on its performance. Absorbent paper can be said to be the core key technology that determines the quality of sanitary products such as diapers and sanitary napkins.



1.Development background of glue free core

China has been committed to its research and development, and there have been four generations in the market. In the final analysis, there are two main methods. One is the traditional core that directly mixes fluff pulp with sap; The other is to fix the composite core by laminating the dust-free paper (or fluffy non-woven fabric) and SAP with hot-melt adhesive.

It can be said that it has been developing and never stopped, but its advantages and disadvantages still coexist. For example, although it has good water absorption traditionally, it is easy to fault and lump; Some have solved traditional problems, but they are not comfortable enough and have limited water retention... Therefore, China still needs to carry out a revolution of upgrading and innovation.


2.Know the glue free core

Glue free core, as the name suggests, does not contain hot melt glue.

It uses PP and PE to form fluffy substrates online, which are embedded in fluff paddles and SAP respectively. After being pressurized, it forms a one-time molding of hot-melt fibers intertwined with each other and combined with viscosity. At the same time, the fluff paddle and SAP can be increased by one or two or reduced by one or two as needed.

Its characteristics are as follows:

No hot sol, good permeability;

Multiple absorption makes the speed smoother;

High connectivity, no lump, no fracture, excellent flatness;

One time molding, low production cost;

Avoid material processing pollution, with antibacterial molecules.

Its successful research and development can be said to realize the fifth revolution of China's core technology, and comprehensively solve the contradiction and pain points that cannot be solved by absorbent paper of disposable sanitary products (sanitary napkins, diapers, adult care pads, etc.).

absorbent paper

Composite core leads domestic diaper brands to overtake in corners, and the potential non glue core will officially open the "curtain of disposable sanitary products 5.0 era". Let's wait and see.


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