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Development Trend of Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring of Pull-up Pants Machine

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, there are many ways for people to obtain signals. How to accurately and timely obtain the fault signal of pull-up pants machine is the focus of research. When acquiring the fault signals of pull-up pants machine, we not only need to obtain and transmit the corresponding signals through the signal collection and transmission device, but also need to effectively process these signals through the information integration and analysis technology, so as to better realize the accurate diagnosis of the equipment.



1.The development of fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine shows the trend of information integration

In the analysis of pull-up pants machine signal spectrum, signal processing needs to realize the development of information integration. Through conversion, effective analysis can be realized, but frequency domain and time domain can not be analyzed at the same time; However, the wavelet transform in pull-up pants equipment can analyze the frequency domain and time domain at the same time. It is especially good at analyzing the time and frequency details of fault signals, highlighting the local characteristics of signals, and further realizing reliable acquisition of fault signals.


2.Intelligent decision-making is conducive to the development of fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine

In the development of pull-up pants machine, the algorithm can use artificial intelligence control algorithms in equipment fault judgment and decision-making, such as genetic algorithm and fuzzy control. With the intelligent control and fault diagnosis of pull-up pants machine, genetic algorithm and fuzzy control will be more effective, which is also the key content of future research. The application of fuzzy theory to mechanical fault diagnosis can realize the accurate acquisition of problem source only by establishing appropriate membership function and fuzzy matrix, and does not need to spend a lot of time to establish an accurate mathematical model.


3.Network integration is conducive to the development of fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine

Under the background of the continuous development of resources, LAN has a significant technical position in the field of industrial control technology. LAN technology also plays an important role in information collection and analysis. Therefore, in the production of pull-up pants, the fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine need to be effectively combined with network means. In the equipment fault diagnosis, the signal detection equipment and computer can be connected through the LAN. With the help of the equipment, the original information data can be received, summarized and analyzed. Through the powerful calculation function of the computer, the fault diagnosis and analysis can be realized faster and accurately to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.


4.Fault tolerant control is conducive to the development of fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine

For fault-tolerant control, when the pull-up pants machine fails, the system can automatically eliminate the failure and rebuild the system. Even if the system fails, the system can still operate stably. Although the operation performance decreases, it can still meet the requirements. In system fault-tolerant control, the method of function expansion design is the premise. For example, in the design of equipment, there is a self compensation structure in the system, that is, the equipment components can realize self reconstruction, or the parameters in the operation of the equipment can be adjusted to ensure the stable and safe operation of the equipment.


The development of fault diagnosis and monitoring of pull-up pants machine is the main trend of diaper production automation. Therefore, in its development, it is necessary to continuously improve and optimize the self fault processing ability of equipment automatic control system.


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