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Development Trend of Non Woven Technology for Diapers

With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health awareness, the use of disposable sanitary products is becoming more and more common. Among them, diapers have been vigorously promoted, and the market penetration has been continuously improved. As its main raw material, non woven has attracted much attention and developed rapidly. In this paper, the technical development trend of spunbonded and hot-air non woven fabric commonly used in diapers is prospected.



1.Development trend of spunbonded non woven technology

Spinning fine denier

Fine denier fiber can improve the uniformity, softness and breaking strength of products. Fine denier is the eternal pursuit of spunbonded technology.

High barrier

One of the basic functions of diapers is leak proof. In recent years, the market has higher and higher requirements for leakage prevention. How to improve the barrier property of spunbonded non woven is a problem that its manufacturers need to consider.

High speed, low energy consumption, high efficiency

Cost is an important factor in market competition. How to reduce energy consumption, improve speed, improve efficiency and save cost in the production process is the pursuit of the new generation of spunbonded equipment.

Multimode head

Single die or few die can no longer meet the production needs of high-speed equipment. By adding die heads, the new equipment will be more flexible and advantageous in production effect and product transformation.

Quick changing mould

How to quickly change the mold, change the color and embossing, and meet the needs of different consumers is not only an important task to reduce enterprise costs and improve flexibility, but also an important goal of equipment innovation and development.

Two component

In recent years, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the softness of diapers. Using two-component fibers as raw materials can improve their softness and fluffy.

non woven

2.Technical development trend of hot air non woven

Spinning fine denier

The development trend of sanitary products is getting thinner and thinner. The use of fine denier fiber is its future development direction, which can reduce the quantity of hot air non woven, improve the uniformity and reduce the cost.

Pay attention to fluffy

Fluffy and soft is the pursuit of consumers, and it is also the most direct way to improve the comfort of diapers. Choosing high crimp fiber to produce is an effective method to further improve fluffy.

Wear resistance

Easy fuzzing is a common problem in use. How to reduce fuzzing and improve wear resistance by improving equipment and technology is the joint goal of equipment manufacturers and their manufacturers.

Carry out secondary processing (punching, three-dimensional molding)

Through punching, enhancing 3D increase, reducing the contact area with the skin, reducing fuzzing and improving comfort are the best ways to improve added value.

Composite with other materials

In order to improve its weak points such as insufficient sealing strength and large amount of back seepage, it can be combined with other materials to overcome its inherent shortcomings and give full play to its advantages.

non woven fabric

Spunbond and hot air non woven have their own advantages in performance. Although 60% of high-end brand diapers choose hot air cloth as the surface layer, and many high-end diapers also choose it as the bottom layer, non woven fabric used in diapers still accounts for the largest proportion is spunbonded fabric. With the growth of the pull-ups market, spunbond in the market still has some room to rise.


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