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Maintenance Measures for Disposable Diaper Machine

The goal of disposable diaper machine maintenance is to maximize the efficiency of diaper enterprises and reduce the impact and loss of equipment failure. The efficient operation of the equipment may fail at any time, so it is necessary to strengthen daily maintenance. Be able to find and solve problems in time, avoid greater safety faults and take preventive measures.



1.Strengthen the daily maintenance of disposable diaper machine

The daily maintenance of disposable diaper machine is mainly preventive maintenance and improved maintenance, supplemented by post fault. According to the data of equipment quantity, equipment model and production capacity, carry out daily protection work in a planned way to accurately find the hidden dangers of equipment faults. The improvement and maintenance are mainly to improve the performance and process of the equipment. First, improve the stability of the operation of disposable diaper equipment and improve the product quality; Second, develop new products to create more possibilities for production. Post fault maintenance is mainly to deal with daily equipment faults, timely and effectively solve the faults and restore safe production. All routine maintenance is to ensure the stable and safe operation of the equipment in the production process.


2.Scientific management of disposable diaper machine

The management of disposable diaper machine is not only the job responsibility of professional maintenance personnel, but also the job responsibility of all employees. Large general machinery has its own operating system and scientific use and management manual. Operators are required to operate in strict accordance with the regulations, otherwise it is easy to damage the machinery and cause safety accidents. First, operators need to understand the relevant performance and maximum working load of the machine; Secondly, formulate scientific plans, reasonably allocate the use time and work efficiency of machinery, use machinery scientifically and reduce equipment wear.

Strengthen equipment information management. Taking the equipment management system as the carrier, the company strengthens the information management of equipment basic data and basic data, and realizes data input, change, evaluation, use and expansion of online operation. Establish and improve online equipment fault database. Equipment management system and maintenance equipment online monitoring system, early warning of important equipment faults and active maintenance, so as to reduce the impact of equipment fluctuation caused by equipment faults. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of corrosive online monitoring equipment, make full use of big data for predictive maintenance, and reduce the maintenance cost.


3.Strengthen the management informatization of disposable diaper machine

The construction of disposable diaper machine maintenance should not only involve all staff, monitor and manage all staff, but also conduct comprehensive, timely and accurate equipment inspection to effectively maintain faults. Under the traditional management mode, the comprehensiveness of equipment inspection and the efficiency of fault maintenance are guaranteed, but the timeliness and accuracy of hidden trouble need to be improved. The information equipment management system solves this problem well. It can monitor the operation of the equipment in real time and issue a warning in advance.


In short, the maintenance of disposable diaper equipment plays a vital role in the stable and safe operation of diaper manufacturers. In order to ensure safe production, efficient production and improve economic benefits, enterprises must pay attention to the importance and necessity of the maintenance of disposable diaper machine.


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