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Analysis on the Personalized Development of Protective Face Mask Function

The outbreak of covid-19 makes protective face mask a necessity of people's life. With the improvement of people's quality of life, their functional needs are also increasing. This paper analyzes the development direction of personalized function of disposable mask.



1.Protective face mask and antibacterial and antiviral

The antibacterial and antiviral function of protective face mask mainly depends on high-efficiency filter materials, and some functional antibacterial substances are added to the filter materials. When bacteria and viruses come into contact with filter materials, antibacterial substances will destroy the internal structure of bacteria and viruses, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. For example, Liu Jina made UV curable nano silver antibacterial non-woven fabric to inhibit bacterial reproduction. Catel Ferreira chemically modified the surface of nonwoven fiber filter by fixing polyphenol molecules to give it anti-virus performance.

protective face mask

2.Protective face mask and reuse

The service life of protective face mask is limited, and the random discarding of a large number of discarded masks will cause environmental pollution. The mask can be reused, which is conducive to improving resource utilization and reducing unnecessary pollution. The purpose of wearing anti haze masks and some industrial masks is to reduce the inhalation of particles. You can choose to change the filter element setting to achieve the purpose of reuse. However, if the medical mask is reused, it will cause the problem of virus and bacteria breeding. In addition, cleaning or disinfecting the medical mask will damage the surface waterproof layer and reduce the protective ability. At present, the team of Nanjing Normal University has developed a new kind of graphene mask that can be disinfected by electric heating. It can be reused by coating graphene on the filter layer and disinfecting by electric heating.


3.Intellectualization of protective face mask

In the context that everyone needs to wear masks, people's attitude towards masks cannot rest on the traditional barrier to viruses and the spread of panic. Smart technology masks can change people's inherent impression of masks and win more young people's favor. Flexible wearable electronic devices and detection sensors are implanted into the protective face mask to monitor air quality in real time through wireless connected mobile devices, detect human respiratory data, analyze and provide environmental and health guidance and suggestions by using big data. Scientific and technological smart masks not only have anti protective properties, but also make life more convenient.

disposable mask

The development and innovation of protective face mask in function not only meets the actual needs of specific groups, but also solves the inconvenience caused by wearing disposable mask. It can be said that the personalized development of its functions is the trend of the times.


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Dalibor Hajdinjak