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On the Personalized Development of Protective Face Mask Specifications

In recent years, under the influence of air pollution and the COVID-19, protective face mask has become a necessity of people's life. The tightness between the mask and the consumer's face affects the leakage rate and filtration efficiency of the mask. However, at this stage, the size of masks on the market is difficult to meet the needs of various face types. This paper looks forward to the personalized development of the disposable mask specification.



1.Dimensions of protective face mask

At present, the size of ordinary masks is mainly 18cm x 9cm adult mask and 15cm x 9cm children's masks are mainly used. Although they cover a wide range and have a high degree of universal benefits, due to the differences in the structure of human faces, a single model of protective face mask cannot effectively cover a variety of face types, so it is necessary to appropriately increase the model specifications of masks. Through anthropometry and statistics, measure human head and face, analyze and apply data. Adjust the structural design of the mask to facilitate the design of the model, determine the appropriate grid difference and type different specifications, so as to improve the fitting rate of the mask and avoid affecting the fitting degree of the mask due to improper size.

protective face mask

2.Personalized customization of protective face mask

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the mask industry will continue to reform and innovate. Three dimensional human body scanning technology can also be applied to the design of masks. Compared with manual measurement of facial data, using three-dimensional scanning to model individual facial features data can obtain facial size and structure more accurately and conveniently. Establish the initial model by measuring the human face, use the collected image data to modify the mask model, and finally establish the mask variables. Match the collected image data with the terminal model through calculation, and obtain the customized mask size by matching the terminal model and mask variables, so that the mask size is consistent with the customized face size, so as to improve the protective effect and facial comfort of the mask, And it can carry out modular design of various types of protective face masks on the basis of personal data.

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Protective face mask plays a very important role in preventing virus transmission and protecting people's health. If the mask is not worn properly, the protective effect of the mask will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the specification and personalization of disposable mask conform to the development trend of the times.


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