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Introduction to Product Categories of Protective Face Mask

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 broke out and spread to the world. Protective face mask has become an essential daily necessity in public life. This article introduces the types of disposable masks.



1.Classification according to the appearance of protective face mask

According to the individual visual presentation form of protective face mask, it is divided into plane type, cup type, horizontal folding type and vertical folding type. Among the four kinds of masks, the planar face has insufficient fit and the lowest airtightness, but its advantages are light weight, low price and convenient processing and production; The cup-shaped mask is made by hot pressing process. The texture of the finished product is hard. The edge of the mask will squeeze the face contact surface, but the internal breathing space of the mask is large, and the face of the mask is not easy to scratch; Both the horizontally folded mask and the vertically folded mask are folded horizontally or vertically along the center of the face, and the fitting effect with the face is stronger than that of the plane mask and weaker than that of the cup mask. The folded mask is easy to store and carry after folding, and the inside of the mask in contact with the face is not easy to be contaminated by bacteria.

protective face mask

2.Classified by wearing method of protective face mask

According to the fixation method of protective face mask on the face, it can be divided into ear wearing type, head wearing type and neck wearing type. The ear band respirator is easy to wear and suitable for people who often wear it off, but the overall stress point of the elastic rope of the respirator is in the ear, and it is easy to cause ear discomfort if worn for a long time; The elastic rope is fixed on the head by tying or other means. The distribution of stress points of elastic rope is relatively balanced, which is suitable for people who wear it for a long time. However, its wearing method is relatively troublesome, which is more time-consuming than ear hanging masks, and it will drag the hair style; S-hooks or other soft materials are generally used as the connection points for neck masks. Its fixation method is similar to that of a head worn respirator. The stress point of the neck mask is on the neck, which is more suitable for women wearing hats and long hair than the head mask.


3.Classification according to the oxygen absorption method of protective face mask

According to the way of oxygen absorption after wearing the protective face mask, it can be divided into self-priming type, self-supporting type and air supply type. The principle of self-priming mask is to squeeze the gas through the filter material according to the user's own breathing. Compared with the other two types, this kind of mask has a simpler structure, so the price is lower, and it is the most commonly used in the market. However, if you wear it for a long time, you will obviously feel respiratory resistance, such as disposable medical masks, cotton masks, etc. Self contained masks are usually used in medical and scientific research fields. This kind of mask has its own small air filter, which is convenient to provide safe gas for the wearer. Compared with the other two types, this kind of mask has the strongest sealing performance and the best protective performance; The air supply respirator is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. This kind of mask is equipped with a small fan, which automatically promotes the filtration of the gas inside and outside the mask, and reduces the respiratory resistance under the condition of strong sealing.

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With the outbreak of SARS in 2003 and novel coronavirus in 2020, the protective face mask has gradually become popular and has been used on a large scale. By understanding the types of disposable mask, people can better use it.


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