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How to Do a Good Job of Overight Sanitary Napkin Equipment Maintenance and Care?

Overight sanitary napkin equipment in the long-term work, if the operation process is not scientific and reasonable management and maintenance, it is easy to wear, will not reduce the service life of the equipment itself, causing losses to the economic benefits of enterprises. The following is a brief introduction to the problems in overight sanitary napkin machine and how to maintain.



1.Management problems of overight sanitary napkin equipment

The specific management system of overight sanitary napkin equipment is implemented in place. Usually focus on the use of equipment and machinery, buy international brand equipment, buy a period of time does bring good benefits to the enterprise, can use a period of time due to the lack of appropriate professional and technical personnel daily maintenance management, resulting in long-term inefficient operation of equipment or disease work.


2.Strengthen the maintenance of overight sanitary napkin equipment

(1) enterprises should establish sound regulations and management system to strengthen the overight sanitary napkin equipment number of daily maintenance work, shall not be formalized. Some equipment managers do not have equipment maintenance and lubrication account, only occasionally irregular maintenance, but they do not know that this will bring more hidden dangers and vicious circle to the maintenance work. Responsible for specific personnel, equipment management also has regulations to follow, the administrator will actively maintain machinery and equipment, thereby improving management efficiency.

(2) Implement a spot check system. In the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment, equipment management can carry out point inspection, that is, the administrator can check a part of the equipment through his own senses or simple instruments according to the established cycle and method in order to find out the possible failure problems or defects of the equipment as soon as possible. The critical parts of the equipment are inspected regularly to check the operation of the equipment and make diagnostic records and maintenance analysis results. Daily point inspection and professional point inspection effectively combined, can do a good job of real-time monitoring and management of equipment.


3.Do a good job in the maintenance data management of overight sanitary napkin equipment

Maintenance data is an important part of overight sanitary napkin equipment management. Each time the equipment failure mode, cause, maintenance program, replacement parts and models need to be recorded and saved in detail, and regularly organize maintenance records. Product operation and maintenance manuals, equipment hydraulic system schematic diagrams, hydraulic components installation location diagrams, hydraulic management diagrams, hydraulic system cleaning methods and cycles, piping and distributor installation location diagrams, lubricating oil signs and other daily maintenance, as a reference basis for regular maintenance.


No matter how good the quality of overight sanitary napkin equipment is, it also needs regular maintenance to give full play to the role of many units in this area of management is intensive, neither professional maintenance, nor a specific system to implement the responsibility to the individual, resulting in a blank area of responsibility for equipment management.


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