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Understand the Double-layer Structure of Spunlace Laminated Non Woven

The appearance of spunlace laminated non woven is to expand the application field of spunlace cloth, improve the comprehensive performance of spunlace cloth and endow it with new functions. Because of the different raw materials used, products can integrate the excellent performance of various materials. In this paper, the spunlace laminated non woven fabric with double-layer structure is briefly introduced by taking the spunlace composite fabric with combed mesh and wood pulp fiber mesh / wood pulp paper as examples.



1.Spunlace laminated non woven formed by combing the net and wood pulp fiber net

Because wood pulp fiber has good hygroscopicity and soft hand feel, its composite products have better hygroscopicity and hand feel than spunlace non woven fabrics. The product is mainly used as wiping material, diaper and sanitary napkin core material. As early as 1996, DuPont began to produce wood pulp / polyester spunlace wet wipes for the baby wipes and adult incontinence wipes market.

So far, the industry has widely adopted the method of overlapping the combed fiber net with the wood pulp fiber net after being pre wetted and consolidated by spunlace, and finally drying after spunlace compounding. Among them, wood pulp fiber mesh is usually produced by wet or air forming method. The research found that the wood pulp fibers in the air forming net were introduced into the pre wetting and spunlacing, and then combed into the fiber net in the net, and then spunlacing was carried out. The laminated non woven produced by this process looks like planting fluff on the fiber net. The softness and strength of the product are very good, and the price of wood pulp fiber is also very low. In recent years, this kind of products have flourished in the field of sanitary products, and are widely used in wipes, baby wipes, etc.

laminated non woven

2.Spunlace laminated non woven formed by combing the net and wood pulp paper

This product adds a layer of wood pulp paper to the combed fiber net, and then compounds it through spunlace. The results showed that the hydrogen bond between adjacent cellulose molecules in the wood pulp fiber was destroyed by water molecules during the process of spunlace compounding, which increased the flexibility of the wood pulp fiber; After drying, under the action of hydrogen bonds, the cellulose molecules of wood pulp fibers recombine into a connected structure, making the fibers hard, straight, tight and bonded to each other, effectively preventing fuzzing and falling off; And the more fiber nets, the higher the vertical and horizontal strength of the product.

In addition, wood pulp fiber has good moisture absorption, low static electricity and good air and moisture permeability. Therefore, wood pulp paper spunlace laminated non woven is mainly used for the protection of food processing, medical and health industries, mainly including work clothes, protective clothes, surgical clothes and surgical curtains.

laminated non woven fabric

At present, spunlace laminated non woven has been widely used in the medical supplies and health industry. Understanding the double-layer structure of spunlace laminated non woven fabric will help people make better use of this kind of material.


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