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Learn About the Latest Composite Core Structure of Diapers

In recent years, composite core, as a core material in the process of diaper product quality leap and process improvement, has developed rapidly. With its characteristics of not easy to lump, continuous layer, light and breathable, it has been concerned and recognized by many users. This paper introduces the latest diaper absorbent paper structure.



1.8D composite core

In recent years, in order to meet the development requirements of this field, 8D wire cores have emerged. It starts from eight aspects, including light, soft, breathable, dry, stable, dust-free, innovative and cost-effective, providing customers with a more powerful guarantee in product competition. The new 8D core has a 4-layer structure, and the first layer adopts different combinations of composite materials, such as dry paper, spunbonded cloth, hot air cloth, toilet paper, Spunlaced cloth, etc. Glue and spread SAP's fluffy cloth. After pressing and turning, spread sap in various ways, and then cut the width according to the needs of customers. After unwinding, slitting and glue spraying, the four layers of composite core are wrapped, rolled or folded into the final product. Because the one-layer structure is optimized, the cost of 8D core is low. Thinner and softer texture. Sap has greatly improved its performance and utilization through various methods, and its communication ability has also been improved. In the manufacturing process of 8D core, multiple folding machines can be operated by one person to reduce labor costs.

The absorption rate of 8D core is faster than that of the current core, and its diffusion length is increased by an average of 20%. It is also significantly better than the current core in terms of the amount of reinjection and absorption ratio.

composite core

2.Glue free composite core

In recent years, a new material - non rubber core has appeared in composite core. The glue free core does not use hot-melt adhesive. PP and PE are used to form a fluffy substrate online, and then they are embedded in fluff pulp and SAP respectively. After being pressurized, the hot-melt fibers are interwoven and combined for one-time molding. At the same time, fluff pulp and SAP can be increased by 1~2 courses or reduced by 1~2 courses respectively as needed. The glue free core was originally used in diapers of an international brand. Because the core does not use hot melt adhesive, the air permeability of diapers is higher than that of traditional core diapers. In addition, it has high connectivity, is not easy to lump, and has high flatness. However, it is also because hot melt adhesive is not used, diapers are easy to break after absorbing liquid, and the touch is relatively hard. At present, the rubber free core has just come into the market, the application situation is not clear, and the use effect and user acceptance need to be verified by the market.


3.Hot air composite core

In recent years, the core changes with each passing day. In order to meet the market demand, the core company has developed core technology with different performance and for different groups of people. In addition to the new products and technologies mentioned above, hot air composite core has also been launched in the market. As the name suggests, it uses hot-air cloth as the upper and lower wrapping cloth, with SAP scattered in the middle, which is not suitable for fluffy cotton. Its structure is simpler and thinner, but because it only contains sap in the middle, it feels harder than the ordinary core, and its comfort is relatively poor.

absorbent paper

The rapid development, reform and innovation of composite core in recent years have brought more diversified choices to the market. Cores with different characteristics have appeared one after another, representing its development from the fourth generation to the fifth generation. In the future, with the continuous improvement of technology and R & D capabilities, absorbent paper will further develop and diversify its choices.


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