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Development Bottleneck of Domestic Non Woven Production Line Industry

The bottleneck of the development of domestic non woven production line lies not only in the quality of mechanical manufacturing, but also in the understanding and research of basic process principles. This paper briefly analyzes the main reasons for the bottleneck of the development of domestic non woven fabric production line.



1.There is a lack of professional technicians in the non woven production line industry, and the scientific research and design force is insufficient

At present, in the field of spinning and weaving nonwovens in China, there are few equipment suppliers who have both key technologies and can manufacture key equipment. Many manufacturers have only design capacity, but no processing capacity. There may be many people who can draw design drawings, but high-quality designers who understand technology are very rare.

At present, many equipment suppliers choose to temporarily assemble and manufacture and install equipment through subsystem outsourcing. Most of the members of the technical team come from other enterprises and have been involved in equipment manufacturing and installation. Although they have some debugging experience, they cannot deal with the inherent defects of the equipment. In addition, during the commissioning process, the spinning box, spinning channel, screw extruder and mesh forming fan often need to be replaced, and sometimes even the steel structure needs to be transformed.

Due to the lack of theoretical guidance, the construction process is relatively random, there is no design specification, no formal drawings and design review procedures, so the equipment can only be put into use when there are a lot of problems left.

The small scale of equipment suppliers, without their own scientific research and experimental bases, and without the support of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, is another reason why China's non woven equipment lacks independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.

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2.There is no standard for non woven production line equipment

At present, China's non woven product standards seriously lag behind market demand, while equipment standards are almost completely missing. There are various standards implemented by domestic production enterprises.

The production line is not a product with a license system. As long as the buyer and the seller reach a consensus, it is a legitimate commercial interest, but it is inevitable to implement some general or mandatory technical standards in the production line.

With the increasing diversification of product manufacturing technology, the application industry is more and more extensive, and the application characteristics and requirements of products in various industries are also different. Therefore, it is unrealistic to formulate a "general standard" that can meet different manufacturing processes and different application fields at the same time.

For many structures and basic equipment in the production line, there have been general technical standards in the country or industry for a long time. At present, among countless manufacturers, only a few can prepare enterprise standards and technical documents. Therefore, it is not surprising that when a production line worth tens of millions is delivered, there is no written material of the main equipment.


3.The supporting equipment of non woven production line has poor performance

The overall technical level of spinning and netting system is closely related to the performance of supporting equipment. At present, the hot rolling mill, winding machine, Slitter, finishing equipment and online testing equipment used in non woven production line can not meet the requirements of low weight, functionality, high quality, high speed, large coil loading and high production capacity, and some production lines still need to be equipped with foreign equipment. Specifically, the existing domestic hot rolling mills lack high performance, the reliability of winding machines is prominent, the technical level of slitting machines is low, and manufacturers pursue low cost too much, resulting in a large number of low-level production lines in the market.

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The development bottleneck of domestic non woven production line is caused by many factors. Therefore, in order to solve the problems existing in the non woven fabric production line industry, we should also start from many aspects.


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