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Protective Mask Product Design Scheme Based on User Behavior Observation

In order to improve the comfort of people wearing protective masks, this paper puts forward three conceptual design schemes of disposable masks based on people's actual application needs, in order to achieve the purpose of truly serving the people.



Scheme 1: Roll production convenient storage protective mask

Excellent products will promote users to get satisfaction at the thinking level, thus improving the user stickiness of products. This scheme designs a new mask packaging method and ear belt form to ensure that the protective mask is comfortable and easy to use. The roll structure conceived in the scheme design is based on the material of disposable medical masks, punching and punching holes at the place where the edge of two masks is stamped three centimeters, and then rolling on the cylinder by folding. On the one hand, it simplifies the production process, the production of the whole mask and the automatic reel, which not only reduces the proportion of manpower on the assembly line, but also is suitable for rapid mass production. In the next outbreak of infectious diseases, mask supplies can be quickly replenished; On the other hand, for the roll sealed respirator, two fettered elastic ropes are selected to form an ear hanging respirator, and four fettered elastic ropes are selected to form a bandage respirator. This special earband design provides users with two wearing ways, which can meet the needs of users' actual situation and meet the recycling at the same time, reducing the waste of resources.

protective mask

Scheme 2: Change color to remind you to replace the filter piece protective mask

Design is not only visual, but also language. Combined with the basic theoretical research of protective mask, it is understood that the effective time of ordinary medical masks is about 4 hours. If it is used for more than 4 hours, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced. In order to solve the neglect of the timeliness of the mask, the filter structure of the mask surface is designed in this scheme. The principle is: add natural moisture sensitive discoloration material into the filter, and the carbon dioxide and water vapor will form a weak acid chemical discoloration reaction when breathing. The lip shaped transparent shell of the mask can observe the color change of the filter, which can effectively master the timeliness of the filter. Moreover, the red buttons on both sides of the filter structure are convenient for users to operate and replace the filter with one hand. The principle of ear strap design refers to the knot tying method - buckle knot. The two single knots belong to loose knots. When pulling the ropes on both sides, the two loose knots will merge to make the ropes longer, which can achieve bandage wearing; When pulling the two knots on both sides, the rope will be shortened into two strands, which can achieve ear hanging wearing and meet the wearing needs of users in different situations.


Scheme 3: Special ear strap to prevent recycling protective mask

Observing the user's use behavior can enable designers to have a deep understanding of the product detail design from the application level, and the user's demand feedback brings designers the design direction. Referring to the way they discard masks, combined with online materials and offline research, it is concluded that users will usually throw masks into the dustbin after using masks, and inevitably, these masks will be recycled and sold again by some illegal people, leading to the secondary transmission of the virus. In order to prevent this situation, this scheme starts from the design root of protective mask and takes the material of disposable medical mask as the basis. The three side materials do not adopt the method of embossing and stitching, but are connected by ear belt. The ear strap design adopts the circular clip connection method. On the one hand, when the user needs to discard the mask, gently press the clip to separate the rope and face to avoid its secondary use. On the other hand, when the user wears it, he only pulls the inner or outer ear strap, and the wearing method of the mask is bandage type; When the user pulls the ear bands on one side, both inside and outside, and both sides at the same time, the wearing method of the mask is ear hanging. These two wearing methods can be reasonably selected according to people's different needs, and the earbands based on experience can also be recycled.

disposable mask

With the duration of the COVID-19 and the recurrence of the disease, from the perspective of public behavior observation, this paper puts forward a conceptual design scheme of protective mask to solve the common needs of the public, so as to provide reference for the benign development of disposable mask.


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