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Analysis on the Research Significance of Protective Mask Design Based on User Behavior Observation

With the increasing living standard, consumers' demand for protective mask products has changed from simple and practical functional type to pursuing high-quality experience and willing to use. In view of this situation, this paper expounds the research significance of the design of disposable mask based on user behavior observation.



1.Optimize the structure and function of protective mask

The main significance of product existence lies in its function, which is the most basic demand of people for products and the most direct way of communication between products and users. The improvement of online shopping convenience has prompted people to show a strict trend in the application standards of products. In the process of product design, on the premise of meeting people's needs, improvement and its effectiveness, the structure of mask products is adjusted and optimized to improve the use function of products, so as to realize the optimal design of protective mask products. In today's complex and changeable product world, the product that users really need is undoubtedly a problem that designers must think calmly. The product is finally used by people. Therefore, on the basis of humanized design, transposition thinking, research and observation really understand the real needs of users for masks, and then record and think about how to improve the existing masks. The design tries to meet the diversified needs of products in different situations, such as: various wearing methods of elastic ropes of masks, one hand can replace filters and other basic needs. Adjusting and optimizing the structure and function of masks on the basis of user behavior observation can maximize the convenience and comfort of people wearing masks.

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2.Meet the physical and mental needs of users to wear protective mask

With the rapid spread of epidemic diseases, most people need to stop work, suspend school and isolate at home. At present, the main emotions of people are panic (61.7%) and tension (26.1%), and only 1.0% of people feel that the COVID-19 has no impact. In this case, the most direct connection between the protective mask and the public has emerged. Therefore, in terms of product design conception, we should think about how products can appease users' psychological and spiritual emotions on the basis of meeting material needs, so as to help people maintain a good state of mind even in closed places or facing severe epidemics, which is also in line with the basic principle of the coordinated development of material and spiritual needs of current product design. Through the observation and analysis of user behavior, we can intuitively find the internal needs of users. The mask design based on user behavior observation is to transform people's internal "spirit" into external "material" to effectively meet the physical and mental needs of users. In the design, the design should fully consider the user's living environment and application fields, so as to ensure that the product can resonate with the user, increase the user's identification with the mask, and then improve the use efficiency of the product.


3.Enrich the research system of protective mask Market

Protective mask is the first line of defense to isolate germs during the epidemic. Users wearing masks can not only prevent the virus around them from invading themselves, but also prevent their germs from infecting surrounding people to a certain extent. In terms of the current social situation, it is closely related to people's lives and has a broad consumer market. Enriching the styles of mask products in the market can improve the competitiveness of products and the popularity of enterprises to a certain extent. In the process of product development and design, the psychological analysis of target users is the basis for enterprises to carry out new product research and development, and also the basis for designers to carry out product design. The research and design of masks based on users' psychological needs not only enriches its theoretical system, but also expands product design cases, which can not only deal with the current epidemic society, but also provide a certain research basis for future health emergencies. Ensuring the effective supply of medical and health products can ensure people's life and health value under certain conditions and maintain the development of social order.

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Protective mask is a kind of sanitary protective equipment. As social development has gone through many major processes, it has gradually become popular and has been used on a large scale. The design of disposable mask based on user behavior observation conforms to the development trend of the times.


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