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Analysis on the Market Pattern of Diaper Industry

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Under the current market scale, there are about three differences in the industry pattern between infants and adults: consumers, development stages and technical requirements. These three differences determine that the market patterns of the two nappy industries are also different.



1.The high-end, middle and low-end brands diaper blossomed and the market competition became fierce

Baby diaper mainly includes two products: huggiesdiapers and diaper. Among them, the use method of huggiesdiapers is similar to that of traditional cotton diapers, the production process is relatively simple, the price is relatively low, and the consumer groups are mainly concentrated in the third and fourth tier cities and rural areas; Compared with huggiesdiapers, it has the function of preventing side leakage, and has stronger absorption capacity. The Velcro around the waist can also adjust the tightness by itself. Babies are more comfortable to use, but the price is relatively expensive, and the market penetration rate is higher in first and second tier cities and affluent towns.

At present, foreign enterprises have occupied a large market share in the domestic market due to their early entry. The industry has entered the stage of survival of the fittest, the competition can be said to be fierce, and the future development prospects of manufacturers of different sizes are also different.


2.The high-end, mid-end and low-end adult diaper brands contended, and the offline channels and online platforms made concerted efforts

(1) Simple products and high-end products coexist, and brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce

Adult diaper is a relatively new industry for China. In contrast to baby products, in the high-end market, international brands in adult products are still in the stage of continuous input of brand resources, with slow growth and relatively unbalanced input-output ratio; The mid-range market is mainly domestic well-known brands. These products meet the current domestic market demand, and the opportunity to be tried and selected increases rapidly; In the low-end market, local brands have entered a brutal stage of market competition. They stick to the low-end market, with low quality, high cost pressure, and the loss of sales and profits have prompted them to win the price war.

According to relevant data, at present, on shopping platforms such as tmall, and Amazon, the brands with the highest sales volume of domestic adult products are all from domestic manufacturers without exception. Because the consumption attitude of Chinese people towards adult incontinence products is different from that of baby products. They prefer to buy cost-effective domestic products rather than quality; Moreover, the sales volume of medical institutions accounts for a large proportion of the total sales volume. Considering market demand, price and other factors, medical institutions are also more willing to cooperate with domestic brands. Therefore, compared with baby products, domestic brands will have greater market space in the field of adult incontinence products.

(2) Combining online and offline, the market sales have increased significantly

At present, because the penetration rate of adult diaper is at a low level, the recognition and recognition of the product by Chinese people are still relatively low. The marketing channels of enterprises mainly adopt B2B, which is limited to medical institutions and e-commerce platforms. Medical institutions mainly include hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes. Enterprises enter these institutions for mass sales and brand promotion. Since most adult incontinence products are purchased online by children for their parents, enterprises are also increasing investment in e-commerce channels.


In a word, with the development of economic level and the improvement of living standards, in the context of the overall consumption upgrading, the market penetration rate of infant and adult diaper will gradually increase, and the market share will expand accordingly. Understanding the market pattern of infant and adult nappy industry will help people better understand the industry.


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