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Can You Use Tampon?

When the summer vacation comes, the weather is stuffy and hot, and then catch up with the "big aunt", the mood is simply terrible. In fact, you can find that a product called "tampon" is gradually entering your life. Today, let's talk about the super easy-to-use feminine hygiene products.



1.Advantages of tampon

Sanitary napkins of various brands pasted on underpants are highly accepted in China, so it is convenient to replace them. However, when the weather is muggy and humid, if it is not changed frequently, the cotton pad that absorbs menstrual blood may produce peculiar smell, which is easy to breed bacteria and fungi, leading to vaginal pruritus; When sitting for a long time, the friction between vulva and sanitary napkin will also cause discomfort. In this regard, cotton sliver, especially the catheter tampon, can be said to be slightly better. If used correctly, there will be no foreign body feeling, and the catheter device is more hygienic.


2.What does tampon look like?

The tampon with plastic introducer is recommended here. The length of the catheter is about 10 cm, and the actual length of the cotton strip embedded in the body is about 5 cm; According to different models, the diameter is 1~1.9 cm, and each has its own packaging bag. The outer catheter end of the cotton sliver is relatively thick, and the inner catheter end is relatively thin. When used, it is usually held in the middle with a pattern.


3.How to use tampon?

(1) When using tampon, pay attention to the hygiene of your hands. After washing your hands, tear the package according to the arrow of the independent package, and confirm that the pull rope is outside the catheter.

(2) Choose a comfortable position, stand in a position so that the distance between your feet is slightly greater than the width of your crotch, squat down slightly or step on the toilet with one leg, relax and expose your private parts, and prepare to place the catheter. If the head of the catheter is not smooth enough or worried about insufficient lubrication, a small amount of Vaseline can be applied to the head of the outer catheter.

(3) Hold the pattern in the middle of the catheter with your thumb and middle finger, keep the pull rope down, and push the head of the outer catheter upward at a 45 ° tilt. When the hand-held part touches the vulva, the finger pushes the inner catheter upward to make the outer catheter completely coincide, and the cotton sliver is successfully inserted. Take out the inner and outer tubes and leave the pull rope outside the body.

(4) When taking out, as when inserting, try to relax and slowly and gently pull the pull rope outward at 45 °. Generally, the pull rope of the commercially available tampon can withstand a pull of about 3kg, so there is no need to worry about the breakage of the pull rope.


4.How to choose the model of tampon?

According to the different menstrual flow of women, choose different models of tampon. Generally, the cotton sliver sold in the market is divided into three types: small flow type, regular flow type and super flow type. Occasionally, super plus flow type can be seen. The menstrual blood absorption of the model matching is marked, but it is not recommended to refer to it. It is recommended that you use it more than once, and choose the model of cotton sliver reasonably according to your own flow and the stage of menstruation.

feminine hygiene products

Among feminine hygiene products, sanitary napkins almost monopolize the market share in China, while tampon is more popular in European and American countries. Knowing about cotton sliver is conducive to women's better choice of suitable menstrual supplies.


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