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Sanitary Napkin: One of the Key Factors of Menstrual Hygiene

Sanitary napkin is one of the key factors that determine menstrual hygiene. Healthy women should not only do a good job in gynecological maintenance, but also pay attention not to let this kind of feminine hygiene products become a "hotbed" of reproductive bacteria.



1.These misconceptions of sanitary napkin must be corrected

(1) Replace only when it is wet

Remember to change sanitary napkin frequently during menstruation. It is recommended to change it every few hours, and adjust it according to personal menstrual blood flow. But even if the traffic is small, don't use the same block all day.

(2) Replace without washing hands

Most people know that they should wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet, but they don't care much at other times. But, you know what? You must wash your hands before replacing it. Because in the process of unpacking and replacing it, hands full of bacteria will touch its surface. During menstruation, the resistance of women's private places will be reduced. Changing without washing hands increases the risk of infection.

(3) Large stock up during promotion

Many people think it is a daily necessities, not food, and long-term inventory does not matter. In fact, although the service life of products is much longer than that of food, we should also pay attention to the manufacturing date. Sanitary napkin that has been stored for too long may not be the best usable state.

(4) If you use thickened or special edition, you don't need to change it frequently

Some women often choose thickened or specialized types because they are afraid of menstrual blood leakage or more flow. However, it should not be "lazy" to reduce the number of replacements. It still needs to be replaced in time according to the day and night use and flow.

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2.Three things to consider when buying sanitary napkins

(1) Dimensions. Everyone has a different body shape, and the proportion of curve and figure is also different. After understanding this truth, you will understand that sanitary napkin needs to be selected according to different body curves. Thickness, length, hip size, etc. are all factors to be considered.

(2) Menstrual blood flow. Women should observe their menstrual blood flow and make choices. For example, when the flow is large, you can choose the type with long length and strong absorption; When the flow is small in the late menstruation, you can choose a daily type with a small amount.

(3) Personal confidence level. Many people believe that when buying products, they only need to consider physiological factors. In fact, psychological factors should also be taken into account. In this way, women can live more comfortably during menstruation, and will not be afraid of menstrual bleeding or disobedience, which will eventually affect their mood.

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Since the first physiological period, sanitary napkin has become one of the closest "partners" in a woman's life. However, not everyone has the correct knowledge of menstrual hygiene. Understanding the relevant knowledge of feminine hygiene products is conducive to a healthier life for women.


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