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Why is Composite Core Used in Domestic Diapers?

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With the development of economy and the improvement of national living standards, diapers are more and more widely used in people's daily life. Although imported brand diapers have accounted for half of the market, most international brands use traditional wood pulp absorbent paper, while composite core is common in domestic diapers. Why is this? Let's learn about it today.



1.Foreign core transformation is difficult

Wood pulp core began in the West. After years of development and application, it has mature technology, huge scale, high investment cost, complete industrial chain, and no obvious shortcomings. It is difficult to transform diapers in foreign countries.


2.The selection of core comes from the different parenting concepts at home and abroad

The fundamental reason why foreign diaper companies insist on using wood pulp core is the problem of parenting concept. The concept of parenting abroad is free range, and it is relatively rough in taking care of children. Parents' requirements for diapers are also relatively simple. Only an absorbable diaper can save them trouble. What they value is absorption, not comfort.

In contrast to foreign families, Chinese parenting is captive, with several adults around the child. Once a child urinates, parents will understand, so absorption is no longer the first requirement, but comfort. In addition, softness, absorption, permeability and reverse osmosis effect are all considered by China Baoma.


3.It reflects the competition for core reform and innovation

In fact, diapers at home and abroad are not only a confrontation between traditional and composite core, but also a competition for the innovation and development of absorbent paper. Judging from the current market situation, China's technology far exceeds that of foreign enterprises. It is understood that Chinese companies have broken through the third generation technology and created the fourth generation era. They have truly achieved thin and absorbable, soft and dry, and solved the two user pain points of "thin and absorbable" and "dry and soft". The fourth generation is also called double-layer prefabricated core structure. In order to improve the absorption, a more refined layering technology is adopted to make it reach 7 layers, so that the hygroscopic high molecular content reaches more than 70%, and ensure that it is light, soft, breathable and low reverse osmosis.

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In general, the domestic diaper core has been two times more advanced than foreign ones, and after years of development and innovation, it has been comprehensively guaranteed in terms of quality, safety and health, and has been comparable with many imported brands. On the one hand, the domestic grasp and improvement of this core technology has brought new pressure and challenges to the imported diaper brands, mainly the first and second generation. On the other hand, when the development of domestic diapers once fell into embarrassment, the launch of the third and fourth generation absorbent paper gave China's diaper industry a shot in the arm.


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