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Baby paper diaper production line


The main product models of the company include: baby diapers, baby diaper production line (two-piece pull-up pants, three piece pull-up pants, waist wrap hip pants); Adult diapers, adult diaper production line; Women's wing guard sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, menstrual pants production line; Medical and health care mat, health mattress production line; Wet towel, wet paper towel production line and household paper processing and packaging machine. At the same time, the company provides optimization and upgrading plans for various life and care paper production lines to meet the different needs of various types of enterprise customers. At the same time, the company also provides free technical consulting services for various life and care paper machinery.

Since ancient times, skilled craftsmen have made famous articles. Therefore, the company has gathered many talents from domestic and international companies in the field of living and nursing paper machinery manufacturing, and has & ldquo; Intelligent Maker & rdquo; Think tank, and created a top Jian team in the field of tissue machinery manufacturing; If you want to do something well, you must first use your tools. Therefore, the company has introduced international precision machining machines, and the hardware configuration has reached the international level. The top Jian manufacturing team and processing machine tools are the favorable guarantee to ensure that the quality level of the whole machine is high, precise and sharp. In the manufacturing of baby diaper production line, the company has a number of independently developed patented technologies. Its special design concept and matching have realized the compatibility of the whole machine and greatly improved the precision and stability of the equipment. In terms of scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development, it has set a new direction for the development of the industry. At present, the company has reached cooperation consensus with many large domestic diaper manufacturers and has signed long-term strategic cooperation.

Intelligent manufacturers always adhere to the company philosophy of "survival by quality and development by innovation", integrating the Jian end manufacturing team, innovating the manufacturing process, and developing new patented technologies to ensure the provision of Xian incoming equipment. Intelligent manufacturers are oriented by customer needs, tailor-made appropriate equipment for customers, and jointly develop products with customers to improve quality. The intelligent maker integrates the wisdom of all mankind to create a comfortable product experience of personal life care for all mankind, so as to provide a comfortable, healthy and beautiful life.


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