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Key Performance Indicators and Requirements of Sanitary Products

With the improvement of people's social life quality, the industrial scale of sanitary products in China continues to expand. This paper introduces the key indicators and requirements of hygiene care products.

sanitary products

1.Permeability of sanitary product

Permeability is used to evaluate the absorption characteristics of sanitary products. It can directly reflect the quality of sanitary products. The main evaluation indicators include: sliding permeability, back permeability and leakage performance.

(1) Slip permeability. Slip permeability is used to characterize the absorption rate of the product to the liquid. The better the performance, it indicates that the product can quickly absorb the surface liquid and keep the user's skin dry; Products with poor slip permeability are easy to cause the user's skin surface to be in a wet state for a long time, resulting in skin rash and other discomfort symptoms. The national standard diapers (sheets, pads) (gb/t28004-2011) stipulates that the slip volume of infant diapers and diapers should be less than 25ml and 35ml respectively, and that of adult diapers should be less than 50ml.

(2) Re-permeability and leakage performance

The Re-permeability is used to characterize the liquid absorption and water locking capacity of absorbent products. The better the backosmosis performance, it means that the product can quickly suck the liquid (usually urine) into the product; Products with poor permeability take a long time to inhale liquid, which is easy to cause damage to the surface of the user's skin.

Leakage performance is used to characterize the absorption capacity of absorbent products. The better the leakage performance, the smaller the leakage of products to liquids, and the drier the user's skin surface.

The key indicators for the performance evaluation of diapers are the Re-permeability and leakage performance. According to the current Chinese standard diapers (sheets, pads) (gb/t28004-2011), the back osmosis and leakage of infant diapers should be less than 10.0g and 1.0g respectively, and the back osmosis and leakage of diapers should be less than 30.0g and 1.0g respectively.


2.Infiltration capacity of sanitary product

The infiltration capacity is used to evaluate the lateral flow ability of liquid in sanitary products. After the supplies inhale a certain amount of liquid, lift it up to form a certain angle with the horizontal plane, and observe the flow characteristics of liquid in the supplies. Infiltration is an index that must be tested before it leaves the factory. The smaller the amount of penetration, the better the sealing of the memory liquid, which is conducive to keeping the user's skin dry and refreshing.


3.Absorption rate of sanitary product

Absorption rate is used to analyze the liquid absorption and storage capacity of sanitary products. The higher the performance, the more liquid the product can store, and the higher the use value of the product. At present, commercial products have high liquid absorption rate, and products can absorb liquids 50 times or even 100 times their own weight, which is related to the application of functional absorbent materials.

hygiene care products

4.Fungus performance index of sanitary product

Because the baby's body immunity is poor, the diaper supplies also need to be tested for bacterial content to evaluate the hygiene level of the supplies. The national mandatory standard "Hygienic standard for disposable products" (GB15979-2002) stipulates that the general level and disinfection level of the total bacterial colony count of supplies should be lower than 200cfu/g and 100cfu/g respectively, and Escherichia coli and pathogenic pyogenic bacteria should not be detected. At the same time, the standard also has corresponding provisions on fungi.


5.Appearance quality of sanitary products

The current standard "medical grade infant diapers (diapers)" (t/nahiem001-2017) also puts forward evaluation indicators for the appearance characteristics of sanitary products, that is, diapers and diapers / pads have complete, clean appearance, firm structure, soft parts in contact with the skin, and good wearing comfort.


With the rapid improvement of people's social life quality, healthy life has gradually become the focus of people's social life, and the use of sanitary products is becoming more and more common. Understanding the key indicators and requirements of hygiene care products is conducive to a better and healthier life for people.


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