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Know the Diaper S Cut Side Tape

With the improvement of China's per capita consumption capacity and the change of consumption and childcare concepts, the baby diaper market has maintained a high-speed growth trend. This paper introduces one of the raw materials of diapers, S cut side tape.



1.Introduction to diapers S cut side tape

S cut refers to the process of presenting S-shaped cutting. S cut side tape is a structure on diapers and a form of fastener for fixing action, also known as magic tape. It is different from another form of left and right PP paste. PP paste is to scrape glue on PP film.

Compared with PP stickers, it has the following advantages:

It is firmer than PP paste;

Its buckle is not affected by season, and PP sticker will be affected by temperature and humidity;

Its appearance is very beautiful and its noise is relatively low, so it is more favored by customers.

In its structure, the magic hook is used to lap the front waist patch, and the ear patch is fixed on the main body of the diaper with glue. When online compounding this material, there are two positions that need to use hot-melt glue. The first is the magic hook, which must be pasted on the composite layer with glue, and the second is the ear patch, which must be pasted on the diapers with hot-melt glue. The composite layer is generally 2-3 layer structure, and the three-layer structure is nonwoven, elastic film and nonwoven.

S cut side tape

2.Production process of S cut side tape

The online compounding process of S cut side tape is as follows: firstly, the magic hook coil is scraped, about 20~60 µ m thick, and then S-shaped cutting is carried out after it is bonded with the ear patch coil. After cutting, it will be divided into two continuous left and right stickers, scrape or spray 10~25 µ m on one side of the ear stickers, then cut and divide into two sides, and paste it on the nonwovens on both sides of the diapers. Spray glue on the other side of the ear patch and compound it with the surface nonwovens that have been glued to complete the online process.

The gluing method of S cut ear paste:

Glue spraying (fiber and screw): The glue spraying is uneven, the glue amount is easy to be less, and the adhesive force is relatively weak;

Thread glue: The distribution of glue is uneven, local strength is high, and the glue thread is too late, which is easy to seep into the other side of the nonwovens;

Glue scraping: The coverage area of glue is large and the glue is evenly applied.

Online composite process suggestions:

It is suggested to moderately speed up the production line;

It is recommended that the opening distance (the distance from the gluing position to the roller pressing position) be as short as possible;

In winter, it is recommended to move the substrate into the workshop in advance and keep the room temperature of the workshop above 15 ℃ or partially heat it;

It is suggested that the pressing force of the roller should be large enough.

The above three suggestions are all because the linear speed of S cut side tape and diaper body is inconsistent when they are matched and bonded. Generally, the linear speed of s cut is about 1/9 of that of diaper. The speed of s-cutting is relatively slow, so the opening time is long, which is not conducive to the best fitting effect of glue. Therefore, only by increasing the linear speed of diapers, the speed of s-cutting can be improved; In addition, the opening distance is short, so that it can be fitted as soon as possible. The last suggestion is to improve the infiltration and adhesion of glue to the substrate.

magic tape

As one of the raw materials of diapers, with the development of the times, the development of S cut side tape has attracted more and more attention. Knowing the relevant knowledge of this kind of magic tape is helpful for everyone to understand the structure of diapers, so as to better use diapers.


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