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Maternal Sanitary Napkin Equipment Maintenance Technology Management Status and Solutions

In order to have a strong competitive edge in the increasingly competitive modern production and market economy environment, it is necessary not only to do production efficiency, but also to do a good job of production safety, especially the production safety of electromechanical equipment, to ensure the most effective way to deal with it and bring great economic benefits to the enterprise. This paper comprehensively analyzes the current situation of maternity sanitary napkins equipment maintenance technology management, and puts forward corresponding solutions to the current problems.

maternity sanitary napkins machine

1. Maternal sanitary napkin equipment maintenance technology management of the current situation


(1) maintenance management awareness is poor

Maternity sanitary napkins equipment long-term high-load operation, the lack of necessary daily maintenance, on the one hand, will seriously affect the production efficiency; on the other hand, it may expand the fault, and eventually become a major equipment failure, causing huge hidden dangers to enterprise safety production. We should not only pay attention to the use of electromechanical equipment, but also pay attention to the importance of daily maintenance and maintenance, and improve the awareness of maintenance management of electromechanical equipment. Pay attention to the daily inspection of electromechanical equipment, including the monitoring of operation and service life, regular maintenance, so that each maternity sanitary napkins equipment can run in the healthiest state, maximize its role and greatly improve the productivity of enterprises.


(2) The lack of personnel for maintenance management

Relevant personnel need to be familiar with the working principle of maternity sanitary napkins machine, master the process characteristics of the production process, the first time to find and solve some common failures.


(3) Lack of relatively perfect monitoring system for electromechanical equipment

It is certainly difficult to check the operation status of maternity sanitary napkins machines solely by manual means, so it is necessary to equip these electromechanical equipments with monitoring equipment. However, at present, most monitoring systems are difficult to cover all electromechanical equipment, and can only monitor some key components. The existence of monitoring loopholes has laid a hidden danger for normal production. Once there is a failure, it can not be found at the first time, and can not solve the problem at the first time, which will bring great losses to the production of enterprises.


2. Maternal sanitary napkin equipment to solve the problem of effective countermeasures


(1) Strengthen the importance of maintenance management

First of all, as the leader or decision maker of the enterprise, we need to change our minds. We should not only confine our attention to the current productivity, but also see the important role of maintenance management in the long-term development of the enterprise. Companies should set up a special maintenance management department responsible for strengthening maintenance management through a departmental system. Secondly, a management system should be developed to clarify the management workflow and operation specification through the system, arrange professional staff and implement a dedicated responsibility system. Only through the system constraints to improve the management level, so that maternity sanitary napkins equipment management level, improve the efficiency of equipment operation, and ultimately improve the economic benefits of enterprises.


(2) Adopt a scientific maintenance management model

The change of management mode is not only from the concept of change, but also need to increase the investment in maternal sanitary napkin equipment management, the application of advanced monitoring instruments, the configuration of 24-hour fault monitoring system and diagnosis system, through professional maintenance management personnel to apply professional monitoring and maintenance equipment, adapt to the actual situation of the scientific management mode of enterprises. In the maintenance management, focus on scientific management mode, can effectively reduce the frequency of failure, extend the service life, indirectly save the maintenance costs of enterprises, is the future development direction of maternal sanitary napkin equipment management.


In short, many of the current problems are not terrible. By changing the concept, improving the model, building a team and other positive measures, we can improve the management of maternity sanitary napkins equipment in all aspects and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.


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Dalibor Hajdinjak