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Cotton Soft Sanitary Napkin Equipment Processing Technology Error Causes and Countermeasures

As we all know, cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment processing technology expertise is strong, the provisions of high precision, once the error, will cause the processing of parts scrapped, the economic benefits of enterprises lead to great harm, for this point, the text carefully analyze the causes of processing technology errors, clearly put forward the relevant solutions to countermeasures, for For reference.

cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment

1. Cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment processing technology error causes

(1) The cause of positioning errors. In the machining process, must be accurately positioned = processing parts, firmly fixed. But there are tolerances between the machined parts and positioning elements, which results in subtle differences in the positions occupied by different machined parts, resulting in inconsistencies in the size of the machined parts and the formation of positioning errors. In addition, the technicians do not work carefully during the machining process and the positioning is not accurate, which will also cause positioning errors.
(2) the cause of the error. cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment manufacturing error is the error caused by the cotton soft sanitary napkin machine itself, including spindle rotation error, guide error, drive chain error, etc.. As we all know, cotton soft sanitary napkin machine long time operation, spindle, guide, drive chain inevitably wear, making the operating parameters deviate from the design parameters, resulting in errors in the processed parts.
(3) the cause of process errors. cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment processing, if the material strength of the processed products is weaker than the processing equipment, do not take certain protective measures, easily lead to local deformation of processed products, affecting the quality of processed products.

2. Cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment processing process technology application countermeasures

(1) Adequate preparation for processing. cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment processing, make adequate preparation for processing, help reduce processing errors, improve processing quality and precision. On the one hand, do a good job of processing before the technical delivery. The processing unit should analyze the structure of the parts, clarify the relationship between the structures of the parts, and master the processing parameters of each part and the allowable range of error. On the other hand, control the deformation.
(2) Careful maintenance of processing equipment. In order to avoid errors caused by cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment, the processing unit should do a good job of maintenance of processing equipment, so that it is in the best working condition. Specific attention should be paid to the implementation of the following: on the one hand, regularly check the operation of the spindle, guide rail, drive chain, etc., and check the operating parameters of the components. If abnormal operating parameters are found, the causes should be carefully analyzed and corrected in time, especially the parts that are seriously worn should be replaced in time. On the other hand, make a good analysis of the characteristics and use requirements of various tools, clarify the applicability of different tools, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of processing different mechanical parts, to ensure the reasonableness of tool use. At the same time, check the wear of tools, fixtures, etc., to prevent the use of serious wear and tear, can not meet the processing requirements of the tool.
(3) Improve the level of processing expertise. Processing units should actively take effective measures to improve the level of processing expertise according to the actual situation. On the one hand, we should do a good job of supervision. On the other hand, focus on the development of error control knowledge. Error control methods are explained by experienced technicians, especially in the installation of processed parts, should be accurately positioned, improve the level of positioning error control, and control the positioning error within the allowed range.

In the processing of cotton soft sanitary napkin equipment, no matter what processing technology is used, there will be different degrees of error. The key lies in how to maximize the control of the occurrence of errors, from both personnel and equipment to take effective measures to improve the ideological awareness of processing personnel and processing professional level, to ensure that the equipment is in the best operating condition, as far as possible to eliminate the error factor.


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