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Steps and Methods for Finding Electrical Equipment Repair for Cloth Diaper Production Lines

Sometimes, when cloth diaper machinery is faulty, the electrical circuit and electrical equipment itself is not actually faulty, but the mechanical linkage part is faulty. Therefore, when checking for faults in electrical equipment, do not neglect to check the cloth diaper production line part to check, adjust and repair faults in the mechanical part.

Cloth diaper machine

1. Cloth diaper production line electrical equipment maintenance to find the steps

Measurement method: measuring voltage, current and resistance
(1) Measure voltage and current. The voltage value and current value at the corresponding point are measured according to the way electrical equipment and lines are supplied. The measured voltage and current values are compared with normal values to analyse and determine the cause of faults in electrical equipment.
(2) Measuring resistance. Data is found to find the normal resistance value of the electrical equipment, then the resistance is measured and the measured resistance is compared with the normal resistance value to determine the cause of the electrical equipment opening and failure. The advantage of the resistance measurement method is that it is safe, the disadvantage is that it can easily lead to misjudgements when the resistance value measured is not accurate. When measuring resistance, ensure that the power supply is disconnected. If the circuit is connected in parallel with other circuits, the circuit must be disconnected from the other circuits, otherwise the measured resistance value will be inaccurate and lead to misjudgement.
Substitution of components, step-by-step open circuit method
(1) Replacement component method: When the cause of a fault in certain circuits can be initially determined to be caused by certain components, the components can be replaced with good performance to determine if the fault is caused by damage to the components.
(2) Open circuit method: When a circuit is short-circuited or earthed, there is usually visible smoke, sparks and scorch marks on the outside. This can often be ruled out by observation. If a short-circuit or earth fault is difficult to check, multiple branches can be connected in parallel circuits and then measured one by one to determine. When checking, it is recommended to use a meter. According to the law of cloth diaper machine repair, I think it is not good to check with the energising method, because the cloth diaper production line electrical equipment and wiring is faulty, and the strong short-circuit current can easily burn the components and equipment.

2. Cloth diaper production line electrical equipment maintenance to find the method

Short-circuit method
Electrical equipment and line faults, often more for the disconnection fault. For example, the wire break, poor contact, loose, false welding, false welding, fuse fuse, etc.. In addition to this type of fault with the resistance method, voltage method of inspection, there is a more simple and reliable method, is the short connection method. The method is to use a good insulated wire, the suspected disconnected part of the short circuit connected, such as short circuit to a certain place, the circuit work back to normal, that the disconnected part. This method can quickly find the cloth diaper production line fault, many electricians like to do so. But be careful: when shorting, never short the wrong part.
Current method
In fact, electrical equipment maintenance personnel are also a good method if they use a clamp-on ammeter to check for faults when repairing electrical equipment and wiring. When a fault occurs in electrical equipment, the current will change. Observing the current with an ammeter can also quickly identify faults. If the motor's three-phase current is too high, it is overloaded; if the three phases are unbalanced, there may be a short circuit between the turns of the motor windings. When the electrical equipment itself is faulty, but needs to be energised to find out the cause of the fault, the energisation time should not be too long. For example, a three-phase motor running out of phase and energised for a long time will burn out the motor.


All of the above are fault finding methods when the electrical equipment and electrical lines of the cloth diaper production line itself are faulty.
The steps and methods of checking and analyzing electrical equipment should be flexible according to different fault situations to quickly and effectively find the fault point, determine the cause of the fault and eliminate the fault in time. 


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