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How long is the shelf life of diapers?


Everyone who is a mother knows that the biggest expense after the birth of a baby is the formula paper, diapers and so on, which makes many mothers have the ability to be careful with their money. I believe that many mothers will stock up, often taking advantage of sales at mom and pop stores or malls to stock up on some of the essentials for their babies. The most common item to be stocked is diapers. So do diapers have a shelf life? How to store them? Let me introduce to you the following.

Diapers have a shelf life, but it needs to be seen according to the specific diaper. Usually the packaging of diapers will indicate the shelf life, which is generally three years. You should pay attention to the date of manufacture of the diapers and need to use up the diapers before they expire. So when moms are stocking up for their babies, they must pay attention to check the date and buy the most recently produced products so that there will not be some quality problems after a long time.

Another point that you need to pay attention to is that the shelf life of unopened diapers can reach 3 years, but for opened diapers it is best to use them up within 2-3 months. If it is too humid environment will be faster, diapers for a long time and air contact will breed bacteria, and in a humid environment diapers absorb the moisture in the air easily cause baby red butt.

The above specific content I introduced to you, it is recommended that mothers do not give babies too many diapers at once, babies grow quickly, the size of each brand of diapers is also different, so you only need to according to the amount of baby's needs for a month or two of the amount of diapers can be.


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