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Which is better, pull-ups or diapers? What stage are pull-ups suitable for wearing?


Are pull-ups or diapers better?

In fact, pull-ups and diapers are not strictly speaking good or bad, pull-ups are just more convenient, there is no big difference between pull-ups and diapers in terms of material and construction, compared to diapers, pull-ups are more elastic and more snug, for babies who are more active, pull-ups are a good choice, more convenient for babies' movement.

The design of pull-up diapers is more flexible than diapers, the baby wears a more snug and elastic fit, and the waist is elastic, so the baby's normal movement will not be hindered in any way.

Pull-ups also have the same anti-diaper function as diapers, which can ensure the dryness of the baby's bottom. If the baby has reached the stage of self-crawling, pull-ups are more suitable for babies than diapers; for babies who need to train themselves to go to the toilet, pull-ups are the best choice for training babies to go to the toilet by themselves; however, for babies who are relatively small in age, it is best for mothers not to put pull-ups on their babies too early, so as not to be detrimental to the development of the baby's legs.


What stage are pull-ups suitable for?

Usually, babies can wear pull-ups at any age, but when babies reach seven or eight months, when they are just starting to learn to crawl, this is the best time to wear pull-ups.

When babies just start to use pull-ups, it is usually recommended to use them with diapers. Since pull-ups do not require babies to lie down to take them off, they can be taken off when babies are standing, while diapers must be taken off only when babies are lying down, and if they keep using pull-ups, it is not conducive to the development of babies' legs, so it is best for mothers to choose two ways to wear them for their babies.

When the baby's legs are more mature, the baby can walk on his own or the baby can go to the toilet by himself, it is suitable to put on the baby's pull-up pants; this is convenient for the baby to go to the toilet by himself, to exercise the good habit of self-toileting, and to prevent the baby from wetting his pants.


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