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US cotton industry launches code of trust to promote sustainable development


The American cotton has the superior characteristics of high quality, clean, sustainable, traceable and stable supply, and is superior to the cotton in other parts of the world. Through the computer-controlled latest equipment, American cotton almost completely eliminates the manual operation of impurities and broken cotton.The American Cotton Association has been committed to teaching cotton farmers and rolling mills the latest technologies and processes to eliminate potential pollution sources, and each cotton pack has its own permanent cotton pack identification (PBI) label that traces the origin, rolling mill and grading center.


To meet the growing demand for environmental certification of brands and retailers and ensure that the cotton fiber used by manufactured products is grown in a sustainable way, the U. S. cotton industry introduced the Code of Cotton Trust in 2020, setting new standards for sustainable cotton cultivation.The Code of Trust is a new system of responsible cotton cultivation, and will provide annual data on six sustainable development areas under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (U.N.Sustainability Goals).With a comparison of these annual concurrent data, brands and retailers will be able to better measure the progress made in achieving sustainability commitments.


In April 2020, the US Cotton Code of Trust was selected into Textile Exchange's preferred fiber and materials list, becoming one of the 36 fiber and materials available to over 170 brands and retailers participating in Textile Exchange's Material Change Index program.In May 2020, the American International Cotton Association also joined the Sustainable Clothing Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), and will use the alliance's sustainability assessment tool, Higg Index, to promote environmental protection and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.


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