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Why will the rising mother and child generation Z pay for consumption?

Guide: Nowadays, the new group of generation Z has gradually become parents. The post-90s and post-95s bear the brunt and become the backbone of the mother and child care market. Their lifestyle and consumption concept are different from the past. Businesses are required to constantly shape new ways to meet their needs and pursue personalization and diversification. During November 11 this year, Jingdong mother and baby, as the industry leader, jointly observed and released the new six mother and baby consumption trends in the mother and baby industry.


Six consumption trends of mothers and infants: post-90s pregnancy law, renewal of consumption concept

As mentioned in the 2021 mid year report on maternal and infant industry observation, stratification, love to taste new products, embrace domestic products, sink more, be more independent and love themselves are becoming the new group characteristics of post-90s mothers. At the same time, maternal and infant consumption tends to be professional, quality and personalized. In addition, the change of mother and child family structure and the upgrading of consumption demand have a great impact on the mother and child market capacity. Domestic products, pan family consumption, middle-aged and older children and subdivided categories drive the continuous growth of the industry.

In combination with the forward-looking insight of the two platforms into the pulse of industrial development and consumption trend, Jingdong mother infant joint mother infant industry observation recently released "six consumption trends of mother infant" & mdash& mdash; Fine variety, high-end quality, scientific peace of mind, early taste and curiosity, beauty personality, health and self pleasing, provide consumers with richer consumption choices, and accelerate the mother and child consumption market to a more mature, professional and innovative direction.


1. Fine and diverse. Post-95 mothers pay more attention to pregnancy comfort, postpartum lactation, intelligent feeding, daily travel, baby care and sleep health than pre-95 mothers, which also drives the growth of relevant categories.


2. High end quality. Nowadays, the post-90s have less and less compromises on products. They pursue a more stable quality foundation, better materials and processes, healthier and safer, better product experience, and accelerate category innovation.


3. Science is reassuring. Regardless of food, clothing, housing and transportation, nothing can impress mothers more than safety, especially the attention to baby food safety is much higher than other categories.


4. Try something new. Young people who grow up in a favorable social and economic environment are exposed to diverse information and have a different brand mind from the past & mdash& mdash; They are easy to grow grass and willing to try new products. They pay more attention to new online celebrities, niche products and new trends of mothers and infants, and accelerate the renovation of non rigid demand.


5. Beauty personality. After 90 and 95, Baoma also pays attention to vision and feeling, prefers IP cooperative products, and hopes to decorate parenting life with personalized design elements.


6. Health pleases oneself. Nowadays, the new generation of mothers increasingly emphasize not only caring for the baby, but also paying attention to their own needs, and gradually incline to themselves in the process of mother and child consumption.


Focus on six childcare scenarios to help new generation parents easily raise children

During November 11 this year, Jingdong mothers and infants integrated the parenting pain points and consumer demand of new generation parents into each consumer's highly perceived and typical parenting scene to provide solutions. Gather the representative brands of milk powder, diapers, toiletries, feeding supplies, supplementary food, lathe seats, pregnancy, childbirth and sleeping quarters, and create six immersive childcare scenes by means of concrete and scene communication, including easy sprouting treasure tour, comfortable baby bath, good dream sweet night, good food and light, play at the moment and tide mother, so as to help the new generation of parents raise their children easily.


(posters of six childcare scenes)


With & ldquo; Sweet dream night & rdquo; Taking the scene as an example, most mothers have miserable experiences because of their baby's high-frequency night milk, especially for mothers with little milk or inconvenient personal feeding. Facing the parenting pressure and confusion of young parents, Jingdong mother and baby rely on their strong brand appeal to jointly protect the baby's sweet dream with high-quality mother and baby brands such as Mead Johnson.


Jingdong mother and baby also have corresponding one-stop scene product solutions for other diversified needs such as eating, living, playing and walking between mother and baby.



(list of good things trends)


Diversified creative marketing play Jingdong mother and baby & nbsp; Detonate the consumption Carnival of generation Z parents

During the pre-sale period, JD's mothers and infants provide & ldquo; A clever plan & rdquo;, Spread the long picture of the brocade bag and game H5 to solve the pain points of childcare through multiple social platforms, combine the difficulties of childcare pain points with the interest points of products in the station, spread and spread, quickly ignite the attention of users, purchase the big brand trial brocade bag at the station, and stimulate the re purchase during double 11.


(child care brocade bag manufacturing machine H5)

(long picture of childcare brocade bag)


At the same time, Jingdong mother and baby created six typical child care scene posters, integrated various categories of mother and baby good things into the child care scene, linked the mother and baby brand blue V to make a voice and build momentum through the social mainstream platform, as well as the continuous diffusion and grass planting of the microblog KOL and mother and baby community of mother and baby, shopping, happy life and entertainment, and finally undertook to Jingdong station.


(screenshot of microblog communication)

(screenshot of mother infant community transmission)


The main venue of Jingdong mother and baby 11.11 station has also created a scene shopping theme. According to the design and planning of six scenes, different scene settings are changed every day during the pre-sale period, extending the scene shopping theme, deeply creating an immersive shopping scene atmosphere through the whole link, increasing user retention, promoting sales jump, and effectively enabling the growth of various categories and brands.


(screenshot of Jingdong mother and baby's 11.11 main meeting)


In order to establish a multi-directional link with users, JD mother and baby also cooperated with the mainstream mother and baby vertical platform to open in-depth global cooperation in the accurate hard and wide exposure of mother and baby and the soft operation of mother and baby population. Through the efficient integration of full scene resources, JD mother and baby covered the global users of both platforms, setting off a frenzy of users planting grass, pulling grass and buying.


(screenshot of Parenting Network Cooperation)


At present, the iteration of mother and baby consumption is accelerating, which requires continuous intensive cultivation by practitioners. Jingdong mother and baby can better match and connect the platform capability, supply chain capability and brand capability by sharing accurate insight into user needs, so as to create together and help accelerate the growth of the whole industry.


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