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Child care consumption trend of generation Z parents


Guide: Jingdong supermarket and the Internet consumer content community jointly released the report on the child rearing consumption trend of generation Z parents. Unlike the older generation, the new parents of generation Z only make a single and conservative choice for products. They are more inclusive of products, more rational and personalized, and do not regard snacks as the & ldquo; Hazardous food & rdquo;. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, novice parents are condensed into various small circles to share and analyze products with each other. They have won & ldquo; Per capita researcher & rdquo; Your name.

In addition, the report launched & ldquo; Mother baby explosive & rdquo; The list provides high-quality reliable choices for confused novice parents. BabyCare's new products have good appearance and quality, and are widely favored by generation Z parents, ranking first; Yingshi, churan love, Beiqin, Feihe and other brand new products have made brilliant achievements and have also entered the list. New products and cutting-edge brands have achieved gratifying results, thanks to Jingdong supermarket's insight into users and research and judgment on consumption trends. Jingdong supermarket's long-term accumulation of technology and services can quickly grasp the changes in market demand, guide the product R & D and future development direction of new products and cutting-edge brands, and meet the needs of users.

Taking the trend of the report as an example, generation Z parents with children have high requirements for their children's food. The ingredients should not only be fresh, but also nutritious. In the survey on the purchase of complementary foods for infants and young children, 61.3% of consumers pay attention to safety and security, and 57.5% of consumers pay attention to nutritional balance. In addition, there is no need to thaw the breakfast for 7-9 minutes, which can eat well and don't have to get up early, so as to meet the needs of more young parents of generation Z.

These young parents are not only concerned about the nutrition and health of food, but also about the & ldquo; Beauty & rdquo; Also valued. The report shows that & ldquo; Beauty toys & rdquo; The turnover of such products increased by 63% year-on-year, & ldquo; Selfie children's Snacks & rdquo; The turnover of such products increased by 79% year-on-year. Among them, when choosing food for the baby, the cartoon animal shapes such as pure handmade cute chicken bag and Penguin bag are rich in color, and the pure fruit and vegetable juice and noodles have become the first choice, because in the view of generation Z parents, interesting and good-looking food can arouse the baby's appetite.

It is worth mentioning that this generation of parents have a unique personality. Even if they become parents, they still maintain their hobbies and reward themselves while buying toys for their baby. 11.11 after the pre-sale is opened, on what platform is worth buying, & ldquo; LEGO & rdquo; The number of keyword related searches increased by 87.21% month on month.

Jingdong supermarket's insight into the consumption trend of generation Z parents' infant products can not only help new products and cutting-edge brands accurately locate and target users, and provide strong support in traffic and global marketing, but also bring more exposure and improve consumers' cognition. In addition, Jingdong supermarket's complete supply chain ecology, online and offline Omni channel layout and leading logistics distribution services can also make new products and cutting-edge brands reach consumers quickly.

As a trusted supermarket brand, Jingdong supermarket has always adhered to the concept of optimal quality and service, upgrading the consumption experience, & ldquo; Stable, accurate and ruthless & rdquo; It has successfully stood in the market of generation Z young users to meet their personalized and diversified needs. At the same time, Jingdong supermarket has jointly built with many brands through multi-directional and systematic support to create the largest incremental market for new products, new brands, new categories and new businesses.


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