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What chemicals are in the diaper?

# Diapers

When buying diapers for your baby, pay attention to whether the diapers contain harmful chemicals. Diaper manufacturers do not have to list all the materials used on their products. They may contain harmful ingredients if you don't know. Therefore, parents need to know them. So what is the chemical composition of diapers? The following is a brief introduction!

1. The outer layer of diaper is polyethylene film, which is basically the same as plastic film. The inner layer of diapers, that is, the layer in contact with the baby's skin, is generally polypropylene. This material is very common and can also be used for thermal underwear. Polyethylene film and polypropylene are considered harmless to baby's skin& nbsp;


2. The absorbent layer in the middle of the diaper contains wood pulp and super absorbent polymer, usually sodium polyacrylate. This chemical was introduced in the early 1980s. Sodium polyacrylate makes diapers thinner and keeps babies dry more effectively. It can absorb urine 30 times its weight.

3. Cartoon patterns or other types of patterns on the surface of diapers are mostly made of dyes, such as Disperse Blue 106, disperse blue 124, disperse yellow 3 and disperse orange 3.

4. Scented diapers are made by adding a small amount of spices between the absorption layer and the outer layer. This spice usually contains citral, a lemon flavor ingredient, which is common in lemon and orange oil.


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