How many sanitary napkins are generally needed to prepare after delivery?

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JonathanThu, Jan 20, 2022 2:01 PM
Women must use special sanitary napkins!Because the maternal special sanitary napkin can play the role of antibacterial and preventing infection, and the maternal sanitary towel is much larger than the ordinary sanitary napkin, so it is generally good to prepare 2-3 bags first.But the actual number of maternal sanitary napkins used depends on whether the woman has a natural birth or a caesarean section.The amount of lochia varies after natural birth and caesarean section, so the number of sanitary napkins is also different.Usually lochia lasts 2 weeks with a longer vaginal birth but generally over 4 weeks, so the number of sanitary pads will vary.Because the puerpera still can not walk after childbirth, the medical staff will generally let the maternal use toilet paper pad under the buttocks, convenient for others to replace.When you can use sanitary napkins when you can walk, remember to choose breathable.Use 3 to 5 sanitary napkins in a day, so prepare at least 3 packs (10 packs, 30 pieces in total), and buy a smaller sanitary napkin later.
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