What is the common quality problem of diapers? Why does this problem happen?

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WrightThu, Feb 3, 2022 5:47 PM
The test results of diapers by the comprehensive baby diaper inspection agency show that there are three problems with the quality of diapers in general: hygiene indicators, permeability and pH value. Children and incontinent adults are diaper users, and the resistance of this group is weak, and the failure of hygiene indicators will affect the health of users. Hygiene indicators of raw materials, environmental hygiene control of production and processing, storage and transportation conditions may lead to the failure of hygiene indicators of baby diapers. Permeability is measured by three indicators: slip permeability, back permeability and leakage. Diapers with poor permeability cannot absorb and fix liquid well, which easily leads to users feeling wet and uncomfortable and affects skin health. Permeability is generally related to the characteristics of the raw materials used in the product, such as the surface layer, infusion layer and absorption layer of baby diapers. The pH value of baby diapers reflects the acidity or alkalinity of the product. Exceeding the pH value may lead to skin irritation or red rash. The pH value of diapers is affected by raw materials, storage and transportation environment and other factors.
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