Can the general wipes replace the pet's wipes?

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WinstonSun, Feb 6, 2022 8:04 PM
The ingredients of general wipes and pet wipes are not the same. Ordinary wipes are mainly RO pure water, natural aloe vera extract, emollients, while pet wipes usually use detergents, conditioners, moisturizers, fragrances, etc. Secondly, the efficacy of the two is different, the main role of pet wipes is to quickly clean the pet's body surface, and on the basis of cleaning, according to the differences in the ingredients contained in the wipes, it can simultaneously achieve the effect of bright hair, deodorant, sterilization, anti-itch, etc.. The role of ordinary wet wipes is to clean. Also, pet wet towels will wipe tear marks, but also can do eye irritation test, etc.. Therefore, there is still a difference between pet wipes and ordinary wipes, and ordinary wipes can not replace pet wipes. When buying pet wipes, you need to choose the right wipes according to the special use of your pet.
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