Why can't bamboo pulp be used on a large scale instead of wood pulp to make paper?

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DempseyTue, Feb 8, 2022 3:43 PM
First, after a tree is cut down, it is first decomposed into sawn timber, or lumber, which is mainly used to make furniture or buildings, and the remaining trimmings after decomposition are sold to pulp mills to make pulp. Since wood is too expensive for the paper industry, it is not practical to make paper from whole pieces of wood. Even if it could be made, the general public could not afford it. Only some countries with a very large number of trees use whole wood for pulp and paper when there is a shortage of wood scrap. Secondly, many fast-growing economic forests use the Intermediate cutting, which is a more scientific method of planting, that is, the weaker trees are cut down first in order to leave better growing conditions for the better trees.The Intermediate cutting trees are very good for pulping. The trees cut by intercutting are very good for pulping. Many of the "whole trees" are actually this kind of material.Also, in fact, the main use of wood is for energy, with nearly half of the trees cut being used for energy, 40% for sawn timber, and the last 10% for pulp and paper.
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