Why do diapers leak polymers?

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DerrickSat, Feb 12, 2022 4:32 PM
The polymer of the diaper is an absorbent material. In fact, during the manufacturing process, the core needs to be cut off at both ends and then repacked to prevent the polymer from leaking. Because the polymer is light and there are air vents on the production line, when the ends are cut, the polymer is easily blown over or next to the laminate and the polymer is not visible to the naked eye if it is not stained with water. Babies will find the polymer on their bottoms after peeing and mistakenly think it is leaking. In fact, it stays on the surface all the time. This is a common phenomenon and if you find this, open it a few times before use. The polymer is a plant-derived substance that is harmless to babies and is certified by the state testing. Polymers are used in sanitary products and have a water-locking effect, dry and prevent the reproduction of many kinds of bacteria. We do not have to worry about this situation, this is a normal phenomenon in production, and generally rarely occurs.
OutcrowdSat, Feb 19, 2022 9:34 AM

In fact, it is not the poor workmanship of diapers that leads to the exposure of polymers, but the polymers in the production process stick to the products, which is generally invisible, but the probability is very low.

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