How to select the type of cylinder in industrial automation equipment? What are the methods and precautions?

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OutcrowdThu, Feb 24, 2022 9:58 AM

In general occasions in industrial production, fixed cylinders are often used; When it is necessary to rotate continuously with the working mechanism (such as lathe, grinder, etc.), more rotary cylinders are selected; When the piston rod is required to move in a straight line and the cylinder is required to swing in a large arc, the axial pin cylinder is selected; When it is only necessary to swing back and forth within 360 ℃ or 180 ℃, single blade or double blade swing cylinder shall be selected; If there are special requirements, appropriate special cylinder and combined cylinder shall be selected.

When the cylinder pushes the load, it is recommended to use exhaust throttling; If the cylinder is used for lifting the weight vertically, the cushion belt shall be used. Single acting cylinder can be considered for occasions where the output, speed and stroke requirements of cylinder are not high, or there is no potential safety accident caused by power failure (positioning and clamping, etc.); In other cases, double acting cylinder is generally used; For large power, the series pressurized cylinder can be used, and the cylinder with guide rod or sliding table can be used if the movement has accuracy requirements; There are many types of cylinders with the same cylinder diameter, each with an adaptive surface. For example, the thin CQ2 series can be used for limited space, and the free installation Cu series can be used for installation in several directions.

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