Fault diagnosis method of mechanical equipment

How to diagnose some common mechanical equipment faults, huh?

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OOOOANNTue, Mar 1, 2022 3:56 PM

1. Adjust and set the equipment parameters of the mechanical state monitor: the parameter values to be extracted in the test frequency time interval

2. Connect the mechanical condition monitor equipment with the sensor of the instrument to be tested

3. Analyze the extracted parameters and the detection is completed.

4. Adjust the motor fault diagnosis system to the automatic test mode, and then add three clips to the three-phase power that controls the motor switch to detect the motor.

5. The motor fault diagnosis system sets the parameters to be extracted, and the detection is completed.

It also depends on what equipment fault you ask. This is a general equipment fault detection method.

OOOOANNTue, Mar 8, 2022 1:51 PM

1. Nondestructive testing technology

During the production of mechanical equipment, the surface and interior of castings, forgings and weldments inevitably have various defects that cannot be observed by the naked eye, such as cracks and pores. During the use process, the defects may further deteriorate and affect the performance and normal operation of the equipment. Nondestructive testing diagnosis method is to use the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism and electricity to detect whether there are defects in weld, non-uniformity and material on the premise of not damaging or affecting the service performance of mechanical equipment. This is an effective method for early fault diagnosis of mechanical equipment, which can find equipment defects as soon as possible and ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Common flaw detection methods include radiographic flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, etc. Using nondestructive testing technology to test the equipment can promote the improvement of product manufacturing process, reduce product cost and improve equipment operation reliability.

2. Vibration diagnosis

When the machine is running, the internal bearing will rotate, and the gears and blades will produce various vibrations due to rotation. The operator can preliminarily judge the fault according to the sound and frequency of vibration. This diagnosis technology is widely used in mechanical fault diagnosis, and the operation is simple, fast and easy to master.

3. Oil analysis technology

Through the extraction of the oil sample, analyze the impurities and components in the oil, the viscosity and pollution degree of the oil, so as to understand the mechanical wear, find out the potential mechanical faults in time and eliminate them effectively.

4. Temperature detection technology

Temperature parameters can be used for fault diagnosis of equipment. In the temperature detection technology, there are mainly two technologies: contact temperature measurement technology and non-contact temperature measurement technology. Contact temperature measurement technology is often used in parts that need continuous detection or cannot be observed, for example, to detect the temperature of bearings; Non contact temperature measurement technology is often used in unsafe parts or inaccessible parts, such as detecting the temperature of the contact of high-voltage electrical appliances. Temperature detection technology has the advantages of simple diagnosis process, and the diagnosis results are also very clear. Especially with the invention of infrared camera, it can more intuitively and vividly measure the temperature field of objects.

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