Signs of equipment failure

If the equipment is going to fail, what signs are there that deserve attention?

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OutcrowdWed, Mar 2, 2022 3:28 PM

1. Abnormal function
It refers to the sudden abnormal working condition of the equipment, which is the most common fault symptom. For example:
· The equipment is difficult to start, slow to start, or even unable to start.
· The equipment suddenly stops automatically.
· During the operation of the equipment, the power is insufficient, the speed is reduced and the production efficiency is reduced.
· Sudden emergency braking failure, failure, etc. during equipment operation.
The symptom of this fault is obvious, so it is easy to detect.
2. Overheated high temperature
· One reason is that there is a problem with the cooling system, which is lack of coolant or the cooling pump does not work.
· If the gear, bearing and other parts are overheated, it is mostly caused by lack of lubricating oil.
· The temperature of oil and water is too high or too low.
Sometimes the overheating phenomenon of equipment can be directly reflected through the instrument panel and warning light, but sometimes it can be detected only by temperature spot inspection.
3. Excessive oil and gas consumption
Excessive consumption of lubricating oil and cooling water indicates that the technical condition of some parts of the equipment has deteriorated and there is a possibility of failure.
Abnormal pressure of compressed gas, etc.
4. Abnormal lubricating oil
Lubricating oil deteriorates faster than normal time, which may be related to excessive temperature.
There are many metal particles in the lubricating oil, which are generally related to the friction of bearings and other wear parts. It may be necessary to replace bearings and other wear parts.
5. Electrical effect
Changes in resistance, conductivity, insulation strength and potential.
2、 Failure symptoms of equipment in appearance
1. Abnormal sound and vibration
· The abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment is the & ldquo; Alarm & rdquo;.
· The equipment vibrates violently during operation.
2. Running, emitting, dripping and leaking
· The lubricating oil, gear oil, power steering system oil and brake fluid of the equipment leak.
· Leakage occurs in compressed air, etc., and sometimes the sound of air leakage can be clearly heard.
· Leakage of circulating cooling water, etc.
3. It has a special smell
· When the motor is overheated and the lubricating oil is burned, it will emit a special smell.
· There will be scorching smell when insulating materials such as circuit short circuit and grounding wire are burned.
· Materials such as rubber give off a burning smell.

OOOOANNSat, Mar 26, 2022 9:11 AM

Listen to the sound. I'm experienced. As long as I listen to the sound, I can tell whether there is a fault.

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