Now the global epidemic is so serious, how to choose masks?

It is reported on the news that some people wear masks, but some will infect the new crown. Is the mask useful?


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dumplingTue, Mar 8, 2022 1:52 PM

When choosing protective masks, some people need to be outdoors temporarily, such as traffic police, cleaners, etc. Cotton masks can be used at ordinary times. If the air pollution is serious, PM2 should be worn Mask, such as N95.

If they are only outdoors on the way to and from work, in order to protect against air pollution, such people should choose Kn90 mask, which can capture about 90% of PM2 Particles below 5 will not have much effect on respiration.


Medical protective mask is a kind of self-priming filtering protective mask with tightness. There are many kinds of masks. It is used to prevent diseases and can play a role in preventing swine flu.

Ordinary gauze mask is only a health care product, which has a certain effect on filtering dust and microorganisms in the air, but the effect is general. Ordinary civilian masks are generally used to keep warm. The materials and specifications are different, so they can not be used for disease prevention.

N95 mask is a relatively high-performance mask, which can isolate bacteria and filter viruses, and can be used to prevent air pollution. When choosing masks, you should choose the type according to the purpose.


The higher the protection level, the higher the specification of the mask. The greater the resistance to normal breathing. When choosing a mask, you can't just look at its specifications without considering whether you are comfortable to wear it.

When used to prevent air pollution, Kn90 mask is generally selected, which can filter 90% PM2 Particles below 5 will not affect breathing too much. If the respiratory function is relatively weak, people cannot wear masks with too much resistance, which may lead to poor breathing and even affect the safety of life.


It also depends on whether the size of the mask can fit perfectly with the face. Air is flowing and will flow to places with low resistance. If the mask does not fully fit the face, choose the mask.

The air will flow in through the gap between the mask and the face. If the air contains harmful substances, they will enter the respiratory system through the gap. Therefore, when choosing a mask, it depends not only on how many harmful substances it can filter, but also on whether it can fit closely with the face.


To ensure a good fit with the face, the mask is used to protect the mouth and nose, so the breathing resistance of the mask should be small. We should also have a certain space at the mouth and nose, adhere to comfort, and we can't choose a particularly tight mask to affect breathing.

Masks should be carried frequently, so they should be light and easy to wear. They should also be changed and washed frequently to ensure safety and hygiene. When choosing masks, we should also consider whether they are convenient to maintain.


In addition:

  • Pay attention to cleaning the mask
  • Pay attention to replacing on time
Demon KingTue, Mar 15, 2022 9:10 AM

The epidemic situation is rising again and again. When choosing masks, we should mainly pay attention to whether they meet the national testing standards. Don't buy some masks with good appearance but no practicability, which will only harm ourselves.

ffasdsdWed, Mar 16, 2022 10:24 AM

Just go to the hospital and buy it. The effect of buying it outside is not necessarily good.

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