How to do the daily maintenance of pants pulling machinery? What are there?

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How to do the daily maintenance of pants pulling machinery? What are there?

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Demon KingTue, Apr 12, 2022 10:04 AM

Regular maintenance of equipment
The regular maintenance of equipment generally includes regular maintenance and weekly maintenance, which are called routine maintenance and weekly maintenance.
1. ⽇ routine insurance
⽇ routine maintenance shall be operated by the equipment ⼯ (enter on duty ⾏ and carefully achieve four things before the shift, five precautions during the shift and four things after the shift.
(1) Four things before the shift, digest the drawing data and check the shift handover records. Wipe the equipment and lubricate and add oil as required. Check ⼿ handle position and
⼿ whether the moving parts are correct and flexible and whether the safety device is reliable. Run at low speed and check whether the transmission is normal, lubricated and cooled
Whether it is unblocked.
(2) Pay attention to the operation sound, temperature, pressure, liquid level, electric, hydraulic and pressure systems and instrument signals of the equipment on the fifth day of the shift,
Whether the safety insurance is normal.
(3) Four things after work, turn off the switch and put all ⼿ handles to the zero position. Remove iron filings and dirt, and wipe the dirt on the guide rail ⾯ and sliding ⾯ of the equipment
Oil stain and add oil. Clean ⼯ the working site and sort out accessories and tools. Fill in shift handover records and operation time records, and handle handover
Class continued.
2. Zhou Fenbao
The weekly routine maintenance is operated by the equipment (enter at the end of each week). The maintenance time is: 2h for general equipment and 4H for fine, fine and dilute equipment.
(1) Clean the equipment guide rail, transmission parts and exposed parts, and clean the construction site. Achieve internal and external cleanliness ⽆ dead ⾓ and ⽆ rust
The surrounding environment is clean and tidy.
(2) Operate the transmission, check the technical condition of each part, fasten the loose part and adjust the fit clearance. Check the interlock and safety device. reach
The transmission sound is normal, safe and reliable.
(3) Clean the oil line, dust-proof felt and oil filter for hydraulic lubrication, and add or change oil to the oil tank. Check the hydraulic system to ensure that the oil quality is clean,
The oil circuit is unblocked, ⽆ leakage, ⽆ abrasion.
(4) The electrical system shall wipe the motor and coil meter, check the insulation and grounding, and ensure that they are complete, clean and reliable.

(⼆) ⼀ level maintenance
Grade I maintenance is mainly based on operation, maintenance and assistance, and partially disassemble, inspect and clean the equipment as planned
Position, dredge the oil circuit and pipeline, replace or clean the oil line, ⽑ felt and oil filter, adjust the matching clearance of each part of the equipment, and fasten the equipment
Prepare all parts of the. The maintenance time of level I maintenance is 4-8h. After the maintenance is completed, records shall be made and the defects that have not been removed shall be indicated. The workshop shall
The mechanic shall organize the acceptance. The scope of warranty shall be all the equipment in the enterprise, and the key equipment shall be strictly implemented. Main of insurance
The goal is to reduce equipment wear, eliminate hidden dangers, prolong the service life of the equipment, and work on the equipment to complete the production task until the next warranty period
⽅⾯ provide guarantee.
(3) ⼆ level maintenance
Grade I maintenance is mainly based on maintenance and operation. ⼆⼊⼆⼊⼆⼊⼊⼆⼆⼊⼊⼊⼊⼊⼆⼊⼊⼊120
⾏ partial disassembly, inspection and repair, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil change, inspection and repair of electrical ⽓ parts, so as to improve the technology of the equipment
All conditions meet the requirements of the specified equipment integrity standard. The maintenance time of grade I maintenance station is about 7 days. After the warranty is completed, repair it
The maintenance records shall be filled in in detail and accepted by the workshop mechanic and operator, and the acceptance form shall be submitted to the equipment department for archiving. Main of insurance
The is to make the equipment reach the intact standard, improve and consolidate the intact rate of the equipment, and prolong the repair cycle.

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