Does the airtight diapers cause a red ass?

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ffasdsdFri, Apr 15, 2022 12:23 PM
  • Contact



Red buttocks caused by contact are the most common. It is generally caused by the untimely replacement of diapers. When the baby's urine and urine are mixed together, the bacteria in the stool will react with urea in the urine and convert it into alkaline ammonia. Baby's delicate skin will have a stimulating reaction when exposed to ammonia. The longer the contact time, the greater the skin irritation to the baby.



Especially for babies with sensitive skin, even if you have paid attention to changing diapers in time, some babies will still have red hips.



  • friction



The red butt caused by friction is common in the skin friction of the baby's inner thigh and other parts. It is generally caused by heat and friction, and some are caused by too tight diapers.



  • Product stimulation



For this reason, products commonly used by babies, such as wet paper towels, diapers, laundry detergents, skin care products, etc., contain chemicals that stimulate baby's skin.



  • Food stimulation



The reason is that after Baoma added new supplementary food to her baby, the change of food caused the change of stool, increased the frequency of defecation, and then caused red ass.



  • Bacterial or fungal infection



We all know that damp and muggy environment is easy to breed bacteria or fungi. The baby's ass has been wrapped by diapers containing urine for a long time, which just creates growth conditions for bacteria and fungi.



  • Take antibiotics



When babies or breastfeeding mothers take antibiotics, because antibiotics not only destroy harmful bacteria, but also harm healthy bacteria. Yeast infection may also occur when the human body loses the protection of healthy bacteria.

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